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Home » Accessories » Charms for Dogs » Lollipop Flower for Dogs

Lollipop Flower for Dogs

Lollipop Flower for Dogs

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Any girly pooch will love an accessory that allows them to look pretty in pink!  This adorable crocheted flower has a ring of eye-popping pink petals surrounding it's soft pink center.  All on-lookers will "ooooo" and "aahhh" as your pooch strolls by. 

Attach the flower to the back of your dog's collar to show off your dog’s fashion sense for all to see!  Choose from our many colored options to match your dog's personal style.


  • Brilliant pink petals surrounding a soft pink core
  • Crocheted by hand from 100% cotton yarn
  • Attach with the ribbon around the collar and the Velcro strips secure the flower
  • Easily washable
  • USA made

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