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Kissy Face Facial Shampoo for Dogs

Kissy Face  Facial Shampoo for Dogs

Our Price: $17.70



Now you can keep your dog's face clean without worrying about it hurting their eyes and other sensitive areas.  Kissy Face is made with natural ingredients, so you know it is safe. It is also gentle and tear free, great for using around eyes and muzzle.  Can be used on sensitive skin for dog's and/or cats! The light scent is a calming mixture of coconut, vanilla and blueberry. The handy pump dispenser makes it easy to use. Regular use keeps their faces "kissy face" clean!

One 8-oz. bottle of Kissy Face Pet Facial will provide more than 100 applications - less than $.20 per use!

Directions: Wet a cloth, or optional facial brush, then pour on a small amount of Kissy Face. Gently massage and clean your pet's face using a circular motion. Rinse with a warm, wet cloth.

Natural Ingredients:
Distilled Water
Soothing Coconut - antimicrobial
Gentle Vanilla - moisturizer
Cleansing Blueberry - exfoliant
Chinese Kiwi - moisturizer
Vitamin E - antioxidant
Mallow Extract - moisturizer
White Tea - moisturizer
Ginger Root Extract - antibacterial

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Laura -
I love this facial shampoo for my little Biewer Yorkie. Best of all is the smell. So glad I found this product. I look for excuses to wash my little girl Quincy's face!

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