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Home » Toys » Durable Dog Toys » iBalls: Small Tri-Pack Toy for Dogs

iBalls: Small Tri-Pack Toy for Dogs

iBalls: Small Tri-Pack  Toy for Dogs

Our Price: $18.65



Why struggle with choosing only one of these fluffy creatures for your pooch to play with, when you can get one of each?  The fun never stops with this Tri-Pack iBall toy set.  The exterior is fluffy and soft to the touch, and contains no white poly stuffing.  At the core of this toy is a durable ball which provides an extra level of fun.  So if your dog happens to rip through the fluffy exterior, another ball waits within. 

All dogs love a squeaky toy that seems to respond to their playful barking.  The iBalls are made with strong materials and are designed with your dog's safety in mind.  However, no toy is indestructible.  Always supervise your dog when playing with these toys, because ingestion of any part can cause serious injury. 

Dimensions: 2" x 2" x 2"

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