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Dog Underwear & Belly Bands

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iPeed Dog Belly Band
iPeed Dog Belly Band Price: $20.99
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As well as being a part of dog fashion, dog underwear, belly bands and diapers are actually necessities for many dog owners across America. It’s important to know when your dog will benefit from a diaper, and when you do know, you can be sure that our products can deliver. We are able to offer some of the highest quality dog diapers and underwear on the market, so you’ve certainly come to the right place!

If you have a problem with your dog or puppy using the house as its toilet, whether that’s due to not being trained or to lacking muscle control, then dog diapers are very popular indeed, Our dog underwear and male dog belly bands are the perfect solution to old dogs who can no longer control their bladder or bowels.

Our dog diapers fit just like a regular baby diaper. They are created to be super absorbent and perfectly fitted for all kinds of dogs. They are made of washable cloth and fabrics, and you can even purchase replaceable diapers, just like you do with children. Vets across the country suggest our quality dog diapers as the perfect solution if your dog has problems with its muscles.  

Our diapers have a number of functions, which they perform well on all levels. In terms of small puppies, wearing a diaper can be beneficial at particular times. Obviously, it is not advised that your dog should wear a diaper all of the time, as you will need to train your new puppy to go to the toilet outdoors. However, if you have to leave the house for a prolonged period of time, and there is nowhere in the house that your dog can urinate, then a dog diaper is the perfect solution. Just use one of our replaceable or washable diapers, and you can be sure to come home to a clean house.

The diapers can also prevent odors in the house, thanks to their absorbent nature. A clean and healthy environment can be created for your dog in the house, hence, at all times.

Another great use for a dog belly band or a dog diaper is for preventing blood from being dropped on your carpets. If you have a female dog that has not been spayed, then when your dog reaches season, you will be faced with the problem of leaking blood. Whilst dogs tend to be clean and clean up after themselves when in season anyway, the blood can cause some bad stains to your carpets. Our dog diapers are the perfect solution – catching the blood and allowing you to wash the diaper for use when the dog next reaches season.

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