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Dog Bikinis & Dog Board Shorts

While not a necessary item of clothing, a dog bikini can be a fun item to have your dog wear while at the pool or at the beach.

If you have two dogs, make sure to get them matching board shorts and a bikini!

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Aruba Dog Swim Trunks
Aruba Dog Swim Trunks Price: $27.99
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Barbados Dog Bikini
Barbados Dog Bikini Price: $34.99
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Bondi Dog Bikini
Bondi Dog Bikini Price: $34.99
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Hanalei Dog Bikini
Hanalei Dog Bikini Price: $34.99
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Laguna Dog Bikini
Laguna Dog Bikini Price: $34.99
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Santorini Dog Bikini
Santorini Dog Bikini Price: $34.99
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Zuma  Bikini for Dogs
Zuma Bikini for Dogs Price: $34.99
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Rio  Bikini for Dogs
Rio Bikini for Dogs Price: $34.99
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Board Shorts for Dogs
Board Shorts for Dogs Price: $19.99
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Bikini for Dogs
Bikini for Dogs Price: $27.99
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Okay, so it may seem a little odd – but dog swimsuits are actually a fantastic idea! Not all dogs like swimming, of course. It seems very hit and miss, not necessarily by breed, by individual. In this way, dogs are very human. Some can act upon their natural instinct to swim in water, whilst others are afraid about what will happen and generally, whether they’ll  be able to swim or not.

We are seeing, however, more and more people turning to aqua therapy for dogs. Swimming is actually very healthy for a dog. Just like with us humans, swimming is a fantastic exercise that helps you build strength in more areas than just your legs. Your upper and lower body strength will be affected by swimming. For dogs, it’s exactly the same.

Whether your dog is perfectly healthy, or has an injury that means it often struggles to exercise and get around, then aqua therapy is a good idea. It helps stretch muscles without strain, and of course, the near weightlessness means that the exercise is really easy for the dog. This is where our puppy swim wear and dog swimsuits come in!

Puppies in particular benefit from the therapy, but they can also be a little too sensitive to the cold. Our dog bikinis and dog swimsuits are not only waterproof and light weight, but they also help keep your puppy or dog’s body temperature at a stable level. This is really important for dogs and humans alike. You must consider that when the dog is swimming, its body temperature will be changed by the exercise and by the temperature of the water. Our dog swimsuits cancel this out and ensure that your dog’s body temperature remains stable and that your dog remains healthy and safe throughout the exercise.

Then of course, our swimsuits look good.  Everyone loves a sexy dog bikini for your female dog. Male board shorts are popular for the boy dogs.Dog clothing and accessories are becoming increasingly popular in today’s society. More and more, dogs are being treated as important members of the family. They’re a source of laughter and fun, and our dog accessories, including dog bikinis, are just another way you can have fun with your dog. People will laugh and enjoy the sight of your dog having fun in its very own dog swimsuit when you’re on vacation, or even if you’re going down to the local dog aqua therapy center. It’s a laugh for everybody, and your dog will enjoy the attention he or she will receive when wearing the cute outfits.

If you have any more questions about our products, then feel free to get in touch with us. Our friendly members of staff are always at hand to help answer any questions or deal with any queries that you may have.

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