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Dog Leashes

Along with your collar and harness, a leash is a must! We have great dog leashes for you to choose from. 

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2-Way Dog Coupler
2-Way Dog Coupler Price: $14.99
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Dog Harness Lead
Dog Harness Lead Price: $39.99
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Lattice Lead for Dogs
Lattice Lead for Dogs Price: $17.69
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Hangeul Lead for Dogs
Hangeul Lead for Dogs Price: $17.69
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Rainbow Lead for Dogs
Rainbow Lead for Dogs Price: $17.69
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Homerun Lead for Dogs
Homerun Lead for Dogs Price: $17.69
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Zebra Dog Lead
Zebra Dog Lead Price: $21.90
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Halcyon Dog Lead
Halcyon Dog Lead Price: $19.80
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Soft Spice Dog Lead
Soft Spice Dog Lead Price: $19.80
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Lots of fancy leashes and leashes to match our dog collars.

Our online fashion boutique is revolutionizing the whole industry. We are able to provide you with the most fashionable doggy outfits and accessories, and all of it at a competitive price. That’s what’s so great about us – we believe that dog fashion should be accessible for all. But we also believe that it should be easy to get the pet essentials, and hence, we offer a huge variety of other pet-related items. One such product is the dog leash and collars.

Dog leashes are by no means all the same. We offer a wide range of leashes for dogs that accommodate for different aged dogs and different sized dogs. Take a look to find out what kinds of dog collars leashes we offer, and what they should be used for.

First off, there’s the dog training lead. This is the best kind of lead for when you are training your puppy. If you are teaching your dog the command ‘come, for instance, the training lead can help. You should stand In front of the dog and say come a few times. Eventually, you should walk to the dog, attach the lead and pull gently. Continue to say come. When your dog eventually starts doing as you say, ie, walking towards you, then remember to reward him or her. This will make them realize they are doing the right thing.

This lead isn’t really suitable for walking, as it is only quite short.

The standard leash is, well, pretty standard! We offer a range of standard leashes in nylon and leather, decorated and styled in many different ways. These are the most commonly used dog collar leashes, as they offer a simple solution to controlling your dog when you’re out. If your dog needs to remain quite close to you when walking, and doesn’t have much experience outside, then the standard leash is perfect for you. We have a fantastic range awaiting you, including nylon leads with reflective strips. You can even get pink and decorated leads that are perfect for female dogs.

We even offer bicycle dog leashes. These are designed especially for people who have taught their dog to run alongside a bicycle. You’ll be able to go for your regular bike ride and have your dog join you, with this extendable lead that connects to your bike. You can’t do this with other leads, as they simply aren’t long enough.

Finally, there’s the retractable dog leash. This leash gives your dog plenty of freedom, and allows them to run without you taking them off their lead.

If you have any more questions, please do get in touch. We look forward to taking your orders and answering any of your questions!

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