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Wide Selection of Harnesses for Dogs

For those with small dogs, a harness is actually best. It prevents the pulling on your dog's trachea. We have a wide selection of dog harnesses to suit any dog's fancy. 

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Train and Walk Your Dog Humanely and Effectively with a Non-Choke Dog Harness

Some dogs need a bit of extra help when learning to walk with the help of a leash. These are the types of dogs that have a tendency to pull and fight the leash. The solution is a non-choke harness for dogs. With a harness, you can have the safe control needed to walk your dog and teach it positive behaviors. Harnesses for dogs are an excellent solution to walk your dog without worrying about a collar digging into their throat, choking them, and possibly creating permanent injuries.

Harnesses are soft and adjustable. They are comfortable for the dog and actually give the dog a feeling of security that is relaxing. If your dog does try to pull away from you with a harness on, the tension is distributed evenly throughout the dog’s body. The dog is more easily controlled with a harness and there is no harm done to the dog because the tension is not dangerously concentrated in the neck as it would be with a conventional dog collar.

When a dog is pulling on a traditional collar, bad behaviors are sometimes reinforced. The dog naturally tends to want to pull back, stand their ground, and fight with the feeling of the leash pulling on their neck. When a dog is in a harness, and you gently correct the dog’s direction, the dog’s entire center of gravity is shifted by the harness, and the dog is much more likely to respond to these gentle corrections by the owner. This is why trainers and behavioral specialists very commonly use harnesses when trying to control and train dogs.

Dog harnesses are made from durable nylon or leather, and are available in many colors and styles that are sure to appeal to any dog lover. Quality dog harnesses are very long lasting, but it is always a good decision to have a back up harness in case of an emergency situation. Harnesses are great for training, normal every day outings, hunting trips, or for guide dogs. The dogs actually enjoy wearing a harness because it brings them a feeling of comfort and closeness, and will keep them warmer when walking outdoors on cold days.

Whether you are training your dog, or have a dog that has a tendency to pull away, or lunge when on a leash, a harness can provide a very valuable service for you. Harnesses for dogs allow you to keep a better control over your dog, and is a much more humane alternative to conventional collars or choker collars. Non-chock dog harnesses are a much more effective and gentle way to walk or train your dog.

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