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We only carry the best and most healthy treats for your dogs. We also have the popular Himalayan chew and Cocotherapy coconut oil!

As well as offering a huge array of luxuries for you and your dogs, we also offer some of the best solutions for healthier lifestyle. Our dog treats are unlike other dog treats that you’ll get at pet stores. We have gone out of our way to provide you with some of the very best dog treats out there, which are actually healthy for your dog. We believe that allowing your dog to over indulge on unhealthy treats that can also damage their teeth is irresponsible, which is why we provide so many healthy alternatives that you can pick up directly from our website.

We even have healthy dog food on offer. We have a wide range of foods available, and if you take a look round, you’ll see that there are many designed for specific breeds and sizes of dog. You’ll find everything you need right under one roof, whether you have a Great Dane or a Jack Russell!

Our treats for dogs come from a range of quality suppliers that specialize in healthy dog treats. We also offer healthy treats for dog birthdays, which is quite hard to come by. It’s becoming increasingly popular for Americans to treat their dogs on their birthday, and along with all our great party gear, we even have dog cake mix and healthy dog cakes! Our cakes look like regular cakes, but are shaped into bones and other pet-related shapes. They’re healthy and dogs just love them. You’ll be able to order your own personalized cake directly from the website, or even take advantage of the huge array of healthy dog cook books that we have on offer.

One thing you must consider is that when training a new puppy, too, you’re going to be using a lot of treats for your puppy. Treats must be used to let the puppy know that they have done the right thing. They will associate doing particular things with getting treats. This works fine, but whilst it must be done, it’s an awful lot of treats to give. Instead, you should consider buying our healthy puppy treats instead. They taste just as great, but they won’t see your pup getting overweight and you won’t end up with an unhealthy dog. It’s incredibly important that you remember things like this when training your dog. Too many treats just simply aren’t healthy, just like too much candy isn’t healthy for a human!

If you have any more queries about any of our healthy puppy treats, food, snacks and cakes, then do feel free to get in touch. We’re also happy to answer questions about our puppy and dog birthday cakes. We can personalize them and make them your own.

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