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Dog Hair Accessories

Those with long haired pups know how important it is to have a stash of dog hair bows to keep that hair out of your dog's eyes!

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Bananas Bow
Bananas Bow Price: $9.99
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Betsey Dog Barrette
Betsey Dog Barrette Price: $19.99
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Captain Canine Bow
Captain Canine Bow Price: $9.99
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Casey Bow
Casey Bow Price: $9.99
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Celebration Bow
Celebration Bow Price: $9.99
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Daisy Duke Bow
Daisy Duke Bow Price: $9.99
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Doggie Days Bow
Doggie Days Bow Price: $9.99
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Ella Bow
Ella Bow Price: $9.99
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Emma Bow
Emma Bow Price: $9.99
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Fifi Le Poodle Bow
Fifi Le Poodle Bow Price: $9.99
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Football Hair Bow
Football Hair Bow Price: $9.99
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Frosting Bow
Frosting Bow Price: $9.99
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Dog hair bows and barrettes are an easy way to dress up dog’s outfit or to keep their hair out of their eyes.

Our great online dog accessory and clothes store is transforming the world of dog fashion. We are able to offer you the very latest trends and the most fashionable clothes and accessories for your dogs. One of our most popular accessories is the dog bow or barrette, a hair bow that can be easily worm by young and old bitches alike.

If you’re proud of your bitch and like to dress her as womanly as possible, then you’ll be pleased to know that we have a huge range of puppy barrettes and bows that your dog will be able to wear. We cater for most breeds of dog, too. You can choose the size of the bows, and even pick out some one-size-fits-all bows.

You can be sure that our bows are of the highest quality, too. We only ever provide quality fashionable goods. We are changing the dog fashion industry by making high quality and well-made products more available and affordable than ever. No longer will you have to turn to cheap pet stores and cheap products that don’t last long, wearing out quickly because of your dog’s boisterous and lively nature.

The online shopping trend has created a wide range of online dog boutiques, but what you can be sure of is that we are the best. When you have a company like us that offers high quality products for incredibly low prices, then it really makes no sense to turn to other companies. For all of your fashionable clothes, luxurious products and great accessories like dog bows, then we’re your one stop shop. You’ll find everything you need right here on our website.

From what we’ve told you, you may however be assuming that we’re just a dog clothes company. If you are, then you couldn’t be more wrong! We are in fact the best place to go when shopping for all your doggy essentials. Not only can we offer fashionable clothing, functional clothing, swimsuits, accessories and costumes, but we can also provide you with dog essentials. Things like ID collars, beds and leashes are all available on the site, too.

So what are we? We’re not just a fashion boutique, we’re a pet essential store. You can get everything you need and more. We even offer the best prices, too. We’re able to offer competitive prices on all of our products, whether you’re purchasing general doggy essentials or you’re looking for a costume for a special occasion. So, go on! Treat your dog today. Your furry friend is an important member of the family, and he or she deserves to be treated just like everybody else. Take a look around and you’ll be sure to find something for you and your dog!

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