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Cool Pup Coat

Cool Pup Coat
Cool Pup Coat
Cool Pup Coat

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Do you ever think... It's going to be a hot one today, better put a coat on the dog?  Probably not, but you will now!  This coat does the reversal of a winter coat, because it cools your dog down instead of warming your dog up.  Provide your easily overheated pooch with up to six hours of cooling comfort in hot weather.  The standard SPF fabric releases heat rather than contains it, while the light fabric reflects the sun's rays.  You may be wondering how this coat works.  The underlay foam absorbs and stores cool water to constantly keep your pooch cool. 

Adjust the coat's chest and neck straps to the perfect size for your dog with the Velcro strips.  Use the removable and refreezable cooling packs to get your dog's body temperature to a comfortable level.  The size of your dog determines the amount of ice packs that are included, ranging from two to nine packs.  Also, you can choose to soak the coat in cold water to keep the cool temperature long lasting. 


  1. Cover coat completely with cold water with cooling packs inserted. 
  2. Wring out excess water and place in a freezer-ready plastic bag and put in freezer for one hour.
  3. Remove the coat from the freezer and the plastic bag, let warm up for 15 minutes before placing on dog.
  4. Adjust all straps and make sure coat is snug.
  5. Coat will cool your dog for up to six hours.
  6. Repeat above steps when coat is no longer cool.

Special order item, please allow additional time for shipment.

Size Length
XX-Small 8"
X-Small 10"
Small 12"
Small/Medium 14"
Medium 16"
Large 20"
X-Large 24"


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