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Pampered Puppy Articles

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Can't Take Them With You?

Kennelwood Pet Resort provides creature comforts

by Angie McKaig

Kennelwood Village - a collection of three full service pet resorts in Missouri - has a little something for every pet. They offer luxury boarding accommodations, “day camp” doggie day care, an on-site training academy, first-class grooming facilities, and many acres of landscaped outdoor areas where your puppy can romp while protected by invisible fencing.

Their boarding facilities offer luxury alternatives such as:

  • Up to 70 square feet of indoor space
  • Windows to view the outdoors all day long
  • Theme-decorated rooms
  • Personal valet
  • Toddler beds for sleeping or lounging around
  • VCR and satellite TV
  • Access to dog grooming facilities
  • Treat time (Yappy Hour)!

It's the personal touches that makes Kennelwood such a welcome alternative. All puppies who attend training sessions get personal report cards. DayCampers (with the help of their human supervisors) write personal "postcards" to Mom and Dad, letting them know about their day at camp.

Activities such as group playtime, one-on-one playtime with Kennelwood staff, and Bizzy Bones (Kong treats stuffed with a special recipe) ensure that your pampered pooch will have great fun while Mom and Dad are away.

We recently spoke to the company's president, Alan Jones, about Kennelwood.

pp:What was the inspiration behind Kennelwood?

aj: Kennelwood started in business in 1974. Donald Danforth, Jr. was the founder of Kennelwood. He was the grandson of William H. Danforth, the founder of Ralston Purina Company, so he had a history of being in the pet industry and understanding the needs of pet owners. He saw a need for a full service facility that would offer pet owners a center that was devoted solely for animals.

pp:How did you choose which amenities to offer?

aj: When Kennelwood first opened its doors we offered pet boarding, grooming and obedience training. A library, art gallery and gift boutique were included to provide products and information for caring pet owners.

Over the years we added new pet products and services that were a result of listening to our clients. We added PlaySchool, Yappy Hour and Bizzy Bones; all activities that pets may enjoy while vacationing with us, because our clients wanted fun activities for their pets while they were away.

In our grooming department we've added services such as: SHED-X, a pet shedding reduction treatment and Healthy Skin and Coat treatments. This treatment will enhance the appearance and condition of the pet's skin and coat. Recently, we've also added DayCamp and Day Training services.

pp:How long, on average, do your “guests” stay at the pet resort?

aj: The average stay of our guest is 4.5 days for dogs and 7 days for cats. Since cats can be left at home for a day or two by themselves, our cat stays tend to be for longer periods.

pp:Do overnight guests have access to doggie day care as well?

aj: Our overnight guests have access to the DayCamp service. Since this is a community activity, each pet is first exposed to a small group of experienced DayCampers. Pets that don't play well in groups are offered individual play time in PlaySchool.

pp:What has been your most popular service?

aj: Our most popular service for our boarding guests is PlaySchool. Over 80% of the pets staying with recieve PlaySchool at least once per day. Our most popular grooming service is SHED-X; reducing pet shedding in the home has been well received by our clients. We have shared this process and licensed other facilities throughout the country to perform this needed grooming service.

pp:I know of one little pug in particular who needs it badly! [laughs] What plans do you have for the future of Kennelwood?

aj: We believe there is a great deal of opportunity in St. Louis for more Pet Hotels and Grooming Salons. The customer is looking for upscale services that solve problems and offer real value. We believe we have the right combination of services to offer the pet owner. And naturally we plan to keep listening to our clients and creating new products and services based on their needs.

pp:Tell us a little about your dog(s).

aj: I have two dogs: Max, a Miniature Pinscher and Tia, a Chinese Pug. Max is fifteen years old and is still in good health. He doesn't see or hear as well as he once did, but he still enjoys chasing squirrels and barking at anything that enters his domain. Tia is four years old and has a personality like a Terrier. She will fetch toys all day long and loves coming to Kennelwood and playing with her buddies at DayCamp.

pp:And your dog's favourite part of Kennelwood?

aj: They both love going to the Spa and getting the full treatment; bath, SHED-X, Healthy Coat and dog teeth brushing. They come out looking and feeling great.

Kennelwood Village has three resorts in Missouri to service their canine clients. Find out more by visiting their web site at

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