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Pampered Puppy Articles

At Pampered Puppy we have amassed a large selection of informative dog articles. We have dozens of articles on designs, fashion, dog books, and much more.

The Smarter Doggy Water

Article Author: Scott Rose

Aqua Pure Breed™ water uses smart design for dogs on the go by Scott Rose

Imagine yourself on that discreet, tree-lined, ineffably fabulous avenue that is Melrose Place. You've been doing some serious shopping. Whatever Guadua wood may be, that eye-catching bangle you just charged at Marni is made from it. You're enough of a fashion hound to know that Carolina Herrera's given name was María Carolina Josefina Pacanins y Niño, yet you're a wee bit disappointed that this CH boutique didn't have any of those rare but gorgeous Herrera-designed thingees for chiens. Your Papillon, merrily spoiled rotten at the end of an Andrea Levine alligator-leather-and-diamonds dog collar and leash set, wanted the Herrera-designed thingee, to be sure, but what's worse, she's thirsty. So frightfully thirsty, in fact, that she's visibly drooping, and dramatizing the crisis as though determined to win an Oscar for her dog day afternoon.

But it's not as though you weren't prepared for this stellar moment in doggy dehydration. Austrian crystals glitter in California sunshine as you unlatch your pleated satin Judith Leiber handbag and withdraw from it an absolutely perfect disc, 1.6" tall and 4.2" wide. The lovely pastel lid reminds you of the tint of the pink sands beach on Harbor Island in the Bahamas. Your Papillon has snapped to attention out of her droop. She knows that you are about to pamper her with Aqua Pure Breed™ water in its convenient portable serving bowl. Her wittle tongue flickers adorably into the fantastically refreshing mountain H-Two-Oh.

What is the source of this exquisite water for canines? In one sense, Adobe Springs in northern California, about which Bill Sardi wrote ever so enthusiastically in his book In Search of the World's Best Water. But Aqua Pure Breed™ as a brand is sourced from the passions of partners David Maseredjian, Jr. and Jason Foreman, graduates of Chapman University both. Glad to be incorrigible dog lovers, their co-pilots are Marley, the Australian Shepherd, (love that soft, dense undercoat), and Foxy, the American Eskimo, (mmm, that richly-plumed tail).

David says: "We travel frequently with our pooches. Whether on a long distance trip, a dog park jaunt, or just stepping out for a bite to eat, we'd notice there wasn't any product to truly simplify hydrating our dogs while on the go. One day, we started venting over how annoying it was, constantly searching for dog bowls or cups, pouring the liquids and making messes which we then had to clean up. That's when we started developing the concept for Aqua Pure Breed™. Why is somebody going to buy a bottle of water for a canine, only to have to pour it into a separate bowl so the dog can access the water? And water bottle attachments might be interesting, but you're lugging those parts around and eventually cleaning them. Our bowl-shaped Aqua Pure Breed™ water bottle is slim, light-weight, easy to use and disposable. We were careful to select recyclable materials for it, too."

Now I ask you to imagine that you're returning to the Extreme Wow Suite on the very top floor of the W San Francisco after attending the world premiere of Stewart Wallace's opera The Bonesetter's Daughter. Bone, setter, get it? Your well-pawed copy of the Amy Tan novel upon which the opera is based is still where you left it in that comfy chair with sweeping views of The Bay City. But your bonesetter aka your Papillon didn't deem the elegant lit pour le chien provided by this W hotel to be good enough, and so she curled up on the high thread count sheets of your bed with its cushion-top mattress. She maybe used her ears to fly up there? Who knows? What you know is that as you luxuriate by applying ultra-hydrating Creme de la Mer from the Bliss Spa downstairs, some canine-to-human interaction in the form of a distinctly operatic bark leads you to take an Aqua Pure Breed™ container out of the Wow Suite's refrigerator. While your Papillon drinks, you admire her well-fringed ears as well as her clearly defined white blaze and noseband.

David explains how easy it is for you always to have a new "bowl" of Aqua Pure Breed™ water on hand. "Realizing that customers were going to want to use our product every day," he states, "we set up a cyclical home delivery subscription service providing for cases of Aqua Pure Breed™ to be delivered at regular intervals anywhere in the world. Clients create an online account with all the information needed for this service. An online account facilitates the updating of a client's shipping address, but the most appealing feature of the home delivery subscriptions is that they allow for deep discounts off retail prices."

This time I want you to imagine that your Papillon's favorite East Coast hot spot is the Barking Dog Luncheonette in Manhattan on 77th at Yorkie (wink, wink, New Yorkers know it's called York Avenue). So you and your Papi are there, soaking up the K-9 street theater while incidentally consuming the grilled New York sirloin steak with three peppercorn sauce and shoestring potato fries. Your actual shoestrings, needless to say, are Manolo Blahnik, even if you don't remember whether you got them at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus or Saks You-Know-Which Avenue. Yes, The Barking Dog Luncheonette has that communal watering trough, but your chien isn't about to drink where every Lucky, Fido, and Rover are sticking their germy public-dog-run tongues, Upper East Side or no Upper East Side. Both of you become the envy of this bow-wow-trendy sidewalk café as, with panache and aplomb, you open an Aqua Pure Breed™ water bowl and your dog uses the water within to wash down some of that three peppercorn sauce.

Variety, as they say, is the spice of dog waters. Aqua Pure Breed™ comes not just in pink lid and blue lid pure mountain spring style but also in two ionic mineral enhanced formulas. One, with a yellow lid, has silica to promote a healthy skin and coat whereas another, with a green lid, contains chondroitin and glucosamine for bone and joint support. "We spent considerable funds researching the mineral enhanced waters," says David. "We started by targeting the health problems to which we believed most canines susceptible. After that, we analyzed the minerals most beneficial for those health issues. We then used several veterinary references to develop the proper dosage of minerals per water bottle. The minerals we use are friendly in that if there is too much digested by the canine, it will simply overflow into their urine, a non-toxic effect in their system." David goes on to say that the company is "continually researching new mineral formulas, while also developing additional products for on-the-go dogs. Expect to see a large breed 16-20oz bottle and a 2-liter at-home bottle soon."

The Aqua Pure Breed™ website ( isn't just two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. As part of the company's No Dog Left Behind program, it also contains Active Dog Guides, with recommendations of dog-friendly places, restaurants and hotels in various regions. That would include, for example, Melrose Place, the W San Francisco and The Barking Dog Luncheonette in Caninehattan, er, I mean, Manhattan. Imagine that in Irvine, California there is a doggy oasis called Central Bark. It's located at the end of Voltaire Street, so your chien should feel chez soi, right at home. David and Jason have plans for the Active Dog Guides to cover regions and cities from coast to coast. The existing guides on the site have an option for viewing interactive Google maps relevant to the dog-friendly destinations. Additionally, the company is accepting visitors' submissions through the site of other dog-friendly places.

Aqua Pure Breed™ becoming an instant classic was virtually foretold by the ancient Greek poet Pindar, who said "The noblest of the elements is water," and then by the Roman poet Ovid, who said "There is no small pleasure in sweet water." If your dog happens to read Latin, the original Ovid quote is "Est in aqua dulci non invidiosa voluptas." Failing that, as you serve your doggy a bowl-shaped bottle of Aqua Pure Breed™, you could do worse than to remind her of the Chinese proverb "When you drink the water, remember the spring."

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