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Pampered Puppy Articles

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Spas go to the Dogs

Article Author: Nicole Feliciano

A look at New York's most chic spas to spoil your dog by Nicole Feliciano

Life can get stressful for Manhattan's four legged friends. The noise of the city and the bustling streets are enough to put even the most laid back pooch on edge. But when it comes to unwinding and relaxing, New York's pampered pups are treated like celebrities. Just like the well-groomed girls on Sex and the City, New York's elite dogs are booked with the best hair stylists and enjoy luxury body treatments at the chicest spas.

An Elite East Side Retreat

Over-the-top luxury is the name of the game on Manhattan's East Side. The Ritzy Canine rivals even the Plaza Hotel for upscale furnishings. Upon entering the lobby, patrons spot European crystal chandeliers, antique wall sconces and period artwork. Overnight stays include room service spa meals, private suites and limousine service.

As if the lodging weren't fancy enough, the Ritzy Canine has a full selection of dog spa treatments. John Larson is in charge of the massage program at Ritzy Canine. Larson has developed a special massage combining elements of Reiki, myofascial release and acupressure. Larson works with dogs of all sizes, from the most petite Chihuahuas to 200-pound Mastiffs. He loves his canine clients and says, "They respond well to therapy because they have no skepticism." Caring owners trust his healing touch to help their pets cope with hip dysplasia, arthritis and other ailments. Larson's fees start at $30 for 15 minutes.

A New York Mecca for the Rich and Famous

Howard Binder has been spoiling New York's pets for more than 15 years. His shop Doggie-do and Pussycats, too! is an upscale designer pet boutique with one of the largest and most professionally accomplished grooming staffs in New York City.

When you visit Doggie-do you'll be greeted by Binder's dogs, Trevor and Jessica. They serve as the doggie hosts of this gorgeous salon.

A day at Doggie-do would impress Paris Hilton. Dogs don't just get soaped up and rinsed off. Instead, Doggie-do professionals provide a soapy massage aimed to relax the dogs and melt away stress. This deep cleaning process stimulates skin and hair follicles. Binder uses all-natural botanical products and is currently developing his own line of dog grooming essentials.

Doggie-do is best known for their hand-scissor haircuts for dogs. Binder is meticulous about hiring only the best stylists and says, "We give each dog the love and attention they deserve." A full grooming package starts at $80 for a small dog. The package includes ear cleaning, gland expressing, bathing and a hand-scissor haircut. Caring for hair emergencies like deep matting or neglected fur will cost extra.

After your little prince or princess finishes at the salon, explore the goodies in Doggie-do's high-end boutique. Peruse the luxurious accessories, like Swarovski crystal collars, and don't leave without sampling a homemade fruit flavored cookie for your pooch.

A Day of Beauty at Biscuits & Bath

Scott Smith is the proprietor and CEO of Biscuits & Bath and treats his clients royally. The proud owner of Kellogg, a Black Labrador, Smith strives to create a unique experience for his furry clients.

Savvy Manhattan dogs like, Luke, have a standing appointment at Biscuits & Bath. Each Wednesday, Luke arrives with tail wagging ready for a day of pampering (you'll be able to spot Luke when you are in the Big Apple-he's the Shitzu with the perfect nails, shiny coat and pearly white teeth).

Most appointments start with a brush-out. This process prevents matting, removes the dead fur from the skin and stimulates a dog's natural oils. Next up is selecting the perfect bath. Smith favors organic grooming products and swears by Espre all natural  dog shampoos and conditioners. Biscuits & Bath caters to the special needs of each pet. Oatmeal baths are available for dogs with sensitive skin and hot oil treatments are recommended for dogs with deeply matted thick hair or tangled long fur. Scott says a proper grooming regimen will improve circulation, and control embarrassing doggie odors. A standard grooming package will take approximately two hours and includes a manicure, pedicure, brush out and bath. Rates start at $50.

Smith demands five years of experience in addition to formal certification from his grooming staff. Smith believes that hair cutting is an art and takes time to learn. But be warned, good groomers, like good hairdressers book up well in advance, be sure to call ahead for an appointment.

Follow Your Bliss to Downtown Manhattan

New Age health aficionados will feel right at home at Soho's pupculture dog spa. This dog spa offers BodyWorks by Veronica-unique therapies targeting emotionally frazzled or physically compromised dogs.

Veronica Burke has translated her experience rehabilitating horses to treat dogs with sports injuries, bowel disorders, and major illnesses (40% of Burke's clients are living with cancer). Burke is a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist and a member of the International Association of Equine Sports Massage Therapists. She also incorporates her training in the Silva Method and Feldenkreis into her healing massages and works closely with veterinarians to develop personalized protocols for all of her canine clients.

Burke believes animals can benefit from massage to achieve "optimum physical integrity". BodyWorks is a non-invasive technique designed to align breath and muscle relaxation and relieve pain. Each session addresses the specific needs of the client. Burke says, "All work is guided by the animal and their personal rate of acceptance." When treating dogs, Burke often makes house calls. She hopes to change the level of stress in the home and to share her therapeutic techniques with the owners.

Sessions with Burke start at $60 an hour. To learn more about her practice visit her website at

Spoiling your best friend with a trip to the spa is easy and fun in New York City. These extraordinary facilities are helping stressed out dogs to rejuvenate and relax in the city that never sleeps. And doesn't your furry friend deserve the finest? Whether you are a native or just visiting the Big Apple for a weekend, try some of these incredible ways to indulge your posh pet.

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