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Pampered Puppy Articles

At Pampered Puppy we have amassed a large selection of informative dog articles. We have dozens of articles on designs, fashion, dog books, and much more.

PuppyPurse: Fashion Meets Function

Article Author: Stacey Waspe

Tired of leaving Fifi at home? Here's a funky yet functional way of keeping her by your side by Stacey Waspe

There are so many different leashes and leads and collars and carriers out there. And it's no wonder - we all want our canine companions at our sides 24/7. (We think there is no better accessory than a pampered pooch by your side.) And now, in open air comfort and plenty of style, your four-legged pal can snuggle close, wrapped in luxurious faux fur or devine denim -- in a PuppyPurse!

Whether you perfer to wear these funky, functional bags like purses, shoulder bags or more diminutive and traditional handbags, PuppyPurses will keep Fifi safe, comfortable and by your side while you run all your errands. And with all these styles, PuppyPurses will also keep you both hip and stylish!

Eavesdrop as we chat with Hedy Grant and Suzanne Sherman about their fashionable, fun and truly unique bags. If there's one must-have accessory for this fall, it's a PuppyPurse (or two)!

pp:Why did you decide to create PuppyPurse? What was your inspiration?

hg & ss: Suzanne's Maltese, Sammy, was our inspiration. Suzanne was not happy with the dog carriers she had bought for him and told Hedy all the things she didn't like about them. So we put our heads together and came up with the attributes Suzanne would love to have in a carrier for Sammy and from that came PuppyPurse. (The actual name, PuppyPurse was created by Hedy's teenage son.)

pp:What sets your purses apart from typical bags that meet owners use for their pets?

hg & ss: Typical pet carriers enclose all or most of the pet. Our PuppyPurses only enclose the pet's torso, leaving it's head, tail, and legs out in the open. The pet isn't enclosed in a hot, stuffy carrier and can be seen and admired by all. It also allows for lots of cuddling and smooching! And, the person can allow the pup to rest in it's cushioned bed while she hugs a friend or tries on a pair of earrings.

pp:What are some of your bags most unique features?

hg & ss: Everything about our PuppyPurses is unique! People have written to us wondering why it took so long for someone to create a pet carrier that wasn't stuffy and allowed them to multi-task while keeping their pet snuggled close to them. One satisfied customer told us that now that she has a PuppyPurse for her Yorkie, she takes him fishing with her. Another happy customer told us she is delighted that she can now carry her toy poodle on her hip rather than worry that he will be stepped on by people coming into her store. And, she said, her pup is happy because he's really, truly with his person, not just trailing after her!

pp:Why do you think it's important for people to have multiple ways to keep their pets close, like leashes, carriers and bags?

hg & ss: We want to keep our pets safe from harm and we love having them close to us at all times.

pp:Do you design all of your purses yourselves? If yes, how do you come up with your designs? What are your design inspirations?

hg & ss: We design all the PuppyPurses ourselves. We love fashion and fabric and are constantly scouring the internet and stores for luscious, quality, fabrics to add to our PuppyPurse line. We feel that if we love the fabric, our customers will, too. We like to have a variety of styles available. The styles range from funky to hot to sensuous to fun to glamorous to fuzzy and cuddly to cool to sophisticated to elegant to practical. The fabrics include velvet,denim, organza, leather, chamois, faux fur, fleece, jersey, waffle, and cotton. Some styles come with beaded trim or feathers, all carefully selected to complement the PuppyPurse.

pp:We love all your bags, especially Drop Dead Pink and Furberry. (We at Pampered Puppy have a love affair with all things pink!) What's your most popular style?

hg & ss: Right now our most popular styles are Furberry, denim, and Woofles in various colors. We have quite a few new styles (including some for the holidays) that will be available starting October 1 so this list could change! And we have a new PuppyPurse called Bark-for-the Cure, which is white fleece with a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon design. We will donate 10% of the purchase price of each PuppyPurse to breast cancer research. We are particularly eager to feature this PuppyPurse in October as October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

pp:Can you make bags for any size dog?

hg & ss: Our PuppyPurses fit most dogs up to 12 pounds and up to a 14" chest.. It is very important that customers measure their pups and use our size chart to determine the correct size as it is not just the weight that determines whether a PuppyPurse will fit. It is predominantly the chest size.

pp:What did you do before you started making luxury products for pets? What's the most rewarding part of running PuppyPurses?

hg & ss: We were lawyers in our previous lives. But we've discovered that working with pets and pet people is much more satisfying and fun than fighting legal battles.

Every part of running PuppyPurses is rewarding. It is exciting to create a new concept and watch it grow and develop. It is also wonderful working with your best friend. Our skills are complementary and we've been amazed and delighted to find that we haven't had a disagreement yet! It's also deeply satisfying to see how excited people get when they see a PuppyPurse for the first time. Somehow people instantly and intuitively realize all the advantages of a PuppyPurse the minute they see it and then they must have one (or two).

pp:There has been a lot of interest in dogs for luxury dog products and services in the past few years. Why is "everything dog" so popular now?

hg & ss: In an increasingly complicated world, a dog's love is straightforward, dependable, and constant. We appreciate that more every day and we buy products and services for our beloved pets as a way to show them our love and appreciation. After all, our furbabies are family.

pp:What's new at PuppyPurse? What plans do you have for the future of PuppyPurse?

hg & ss: As we mentioned, we are very excited about debuting over 20 brand new PuppyPurses in the beginning of October. They include beautiful fleeces, silk brocades, and velvety animal prints. We are also working on some interesting PuppyPurse accessories which we will tell you all about next year (not to mention our soon-to-be-announced line of PuppyPurrfect™Jewelry).

pp:We've heard that you have some pampered pooches of your own. Tell us a little about your dogs.

hg & ss: We certainly do love dogs (and cats, too!)!

Suzanne and her husband, Joe, are the happy parents of Sammy, an 11-month old Maltese who lives with them in (usually) sunny Florida. Sammy goes everywhere with Suzanne; always in his Puppy Purse, which he loves! His closet of PuppyPurses is quite extensive (as you can well imagine!) so he and Suzanne can pick out a PuppyPurse each day that will match or complement Suzanne's outfit. Sometimes Suzanne and Sammy pick out the PuppyPurse for that day first then they select Suzanne's outfit!

Hedy and her teenage son, Sebastian, live in New Jersey with Mushy, an almost 5-year-old golden retriever/black lab mix who looks like a black Irish Setter with golden highlights and lives to love; Dilly (short for Daffodil), a 4-year-old chow mix with an old soul who has a substantial hearing loss yet rules the roost; and Cokey and the tail-less Spritey: two 7-year-old gray cats only one of whom likes catnip. Unfortunately, neither of Hedy's dogs will fit in a PuppyPurse!

You can find out more about PuppyPurse from their web site at or buy a PuppyPurse today in our shopping area!

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