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Pampered Puppy Articles

At Pampered Puppy we have amassed a large selection of informative dog articles. We have dozens of articles on designs, fashion, dog books, and much more.

Brand Explosion

From IKEA to Playboy, top brands are starting to offer accessories for pets

by Maria Coder

Dog bowl, IKEA

Paris Hilton has designed her own posh-looking jewelry for pups. Burberry has added an ultra chic Burberry Dog collection. IKEA has extended its home furnishings collection to include pets. And this is just the beginning...

"People consider their pets as part of the family. And IKEA always strives to provide 'something for everybody,' even those with fur," says Janice Simonsen, spokesperson for IKEA, which introduced its PÄLS pet products in March of last year. Pet beds and pet collars are among IKEA's best selling doggie products.

"Crossover from human to pet products is happening in almost category imaginable," said Doggles ( President Roni DiLullo. "Pet owners can find licensed products and human brands in all sorts of pet products from Doggles: clothing and costumes, to treats, leashes, bowls and carriers."

This month, expect to see some Doggles in your neighborhood as part of a new Halloween costume marking the 40th anniversary of Snoopy's debut as the World War I Flying Ace. The Snoopy costume, sold at, features a new licensing trend in the pet market. Popular American icons, like PEANUTS, have crossed over from lunch pails and coloring books into the world of pets. Other popular crossover characters include: Blue's Clues (with Puppy Teethers, Dr. Seuss (with toys), and Barbie (with dog clothing).

Designers have also caught on. Kate Spade has expanded her line to become Fido-friendly. She's designed Kate pet bags in real crocodile for $4,000 (and we're just dying to get our hands on one). She also designed faux gator bags for $350. Her $65 Rivington Collars, available in anthracite and gold, are extremely popular in Manhattan.

Snoopy Doggles

Of course, one of the most popular and celebrated brand extensions comes with an LV on the side: Louis Vuitton has a delicious pet carrier with their infamous monogram print that never goes out of style. The carrier, referred to by Nick Lachey (of MTV's Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica fame) as a "condo" for pets, costs well over a $1,000.

Other designers also carry lines just for pets - such as Burberry, with their Burberry Dog collection. The products range from plush bedding to double twisted leads and more. The Burberry Dog reversible jacket comes in a classic, trimmed, novacheck pattern in black leather and costs $195. The Burberry Dog collar with cherry leather trim is about $90. A Burberry Dog leash runs $135.

Even large clothing retailers are getting into the craze and expanding their lines to include several pet products. Old Navy has added dog collars, t-shirts with slogans like "love me," festive reindeer headbands for the holidays, and several hip dog toys.

Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi has teamed up with Target stores to create chic and affordable pet products and outfits. Included in his collection are leather collars, leashes, everyday dog carriers, doggie polo shirts, and the most adorable trench coat. The khaki-colored, polyester, coat has black-and-white Mizrahi logo pattern lining. To top it off, it comes with its own matching belt. (A steal for under $15.)

Dog Hoody, Von Dutch

For an edgier look, many Von Dutch fans will be happy to know the line recently added designs for pups under its Kustom Von Dutch Pet Apparel line. The original Von Dutch designs offer the same style for pups as for humans - except smaller, of course. "Von Dutch, the actual person, would customize cars and motorcycles so people could set themselves apart show their individuality and that is being reflected in multiple aspects of peoples' lives. One of those aspects happens to be pets. Why shouldn't pets have individuality if their owner does too?" says Kai Scheider, marketing associate for the company.

Most of the the dog shirts in the Von Dutch line are made of polyester and can be hand-washed. We completely fell head over heels for the hooded sweatshirt which comes in a rainbow of colors and varying pockets. The XX-Small and X-Small sweatshirts have only one pocket in the back center. The Small through Large sweatshirts have two pockets across the back. All Von Dutch styles for dogs come in a dizzying array of contrasting colors - black and red, pink and white, blue and orange (and too many more here to count!).

Pups seeking more bling than edge may want to turn to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner or former Playmate Pamela Anderson. Playboy and Pamela Anderson each have their own dog-friendly lines. Playboy has many colored collars, rhinestones, plush dog pillows, and studded carriers. The Glam Rhinestone Dog Collar, for instance, is backed by genuine leather in pink with rhinestone-encrusted "bunny" logos. Those looking for a more casual Playboy style will love the Playboy Monogram Dog Collars, featuring the Playboy logo repeated on ribbon and backed by canvas (see photo).

Monogram Dog Collar, Playboy

Pamela's collection includes satin collars and leashes with cool prints that say: "feed me" and "wake me." The collection, made to include even the smallest sidewalk runway models comes with a matching charm. Pamela also has heart-shaped bowls, and more pink accessories, like her Carry Me Pet Carrier. The canvas carrier runs for about $80.

And let's not forget the queen of bling, Paris Hilton. Paris has designed her own jewelry collection, the Paris Hilton Collection, crafted from the highest quality sterling silver and crystals. This February Paris turned her attention to pets after people started commenting how great her pooch looked. "I think a lot of people admire Tinkerbell's look as well, which is why I decided to include a pet collar as part of the new collection," Paris told, which is the only place to buy pieces from her collection. The new pet collar comes in two sizes and has a chain collar with a dangling crystal charm in the shape of a bone.

Once your wardrobe is set, why go out dressed to the nines if your hair's a mess? No worries. The same guy who solved your hair problems is now solving your pet's. John Paul DeJoria, CEO of John Paul Mitchell Systems, the largest single-line hair care company in the world, has launched a pet products line under the John Paul Pet label. All products are made with high quality ingredients and are specially formulated to the correct ph levels for your dog. The products include formulas for sensitive skins, like oatmeal shampoos and conditioners, and cost about $10 each.

Despite the interest and high demand for luxury products, instant access is one luxury you'll have to forego. Not all designer products are available on the Web. In fact, some of the highest-end designers like Gucci, Burberry and Kate Spade, won't sell their pet products online. Oh well... guess you and your pooch will have to go shopping! What's the world coming to?

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