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Delectables for your Pampered Puppy

The story behind Three Dog Bakery by Stacey Waspe

Looking for all natural, wholesome, healthy dog biscuits and treats that your pooch will howl over? Seeking a treat that your pooch'll be head over paws for? It's time for a stroll to the bakery loved by dogs the world over - Three Dog Bakery.

A Small Tail of Three Dog

Three Dog Bakery started in 1989 by dog lovers Dan Dye and Mark Beckloff because they wanted to treat their own pooches, Dottie, Gracie and Sarah to healthy, wholesome treats, but couldn't find any. All the commerically available dog treats contained so many additives and ingredients - most of which neither Mark or Dan could pronounce - and were fairly boring to boot. Not wanting to feed the "girls" food they wouldn't eat themselves, they set out to create a healthy, all-natural treat that dog lovers like themselves could give their furry pals with a good conscience.

Their mission may have seemed simple, but they had their work cut out for them: they wanted to bake the world's best fresh dog biscuits. After talking with vets, breeders and dog lovers about what dogs could and couldn't have, Mark and Dan spent months experimenting with recipes until they had baked the perfect pooch cookie from scratch: full of fun crunchy flavor! Dottie, Gracie and Sarah couldn't get enough of them and told all their canine pals about the great treats they had. Soon all the pooches in the 'hood were barking about Mark and Dan and their gourmet dog biscuits.

Once the "bark" hit the street, it was a busy time for Three Dog Bakery. Mark and Dan began selling their treats wholesale and soon after decided it would be fun to open a bakery where their four-legged customers could get get their paws on biscuits hot and fresh from the oven. So they did. Kansas City, Missouri marked the spot of their first retail doggie bakery, and they haven't looked back since.

As word of their fresh-baked biscuits spread and started selling in upscale Neiman Marcus stores as well as other quality national pet supply chains, Three Dog Bakery also launched a DOGalog - a shop-at-home guide for pampered puppy owners wanting to order gourmet treats delivered by mail. Taking the dog world by storm, Three Dog started opening retail bakeries throughout the United States. And what an experience they are - for you and your little tail-wagger!

Take the Pooch

Your pooch is sure to want to look her finest before setting out for a Three Dog Bakery near you. In the canine world, they are the place to be seen, make new friends and show off that new Pucci bag or maybe a new sweater from Lucho.

One of the very best parts about Three Dog bakery is the great welcome you get when you walk in the store - whether you're on two legs or on four! The bakeries are completely canine-friendly, from the low step at the front door to the stone tile on the floor, providing easy clean up of all the drool and other pooch related spills. The fun, trendy stores are full of everything dog.

Three Dog Bakery is more than just a bakery for dogs. Bakeries carry Three Dog Bakery cookbooks, as well as fantastic dog beds, carriers, leashes and leads and other fine, quality dog products. It's definitely something to do with your pooch once per year, perfect for stocking up for the holiday season!

Since the princess pug needed to replenish her supply of fantastic Three Dog Bakery treats, Merry and I headed off one fine afternoon to see and be seen in Toronto's infamous "Beaches" community walking in the direction of our very own Three Dog Bakery. On our shopping list were some fresh-baked treats, specifically 3 Ruffles and 2 Pup Tarts. We also needed a supply of Carob Woofers and two different flavors of Jump 'n Sit Bits: Veggie Chicken and Carob Chip. Merry couldn't have been more excited - her nose went into overtime as soon as we walked in the door.

Three Dog Bakeries use nothing but the best ingredients: whole grains, peanut butter, apples, tomatoes , carob, garlic, honey, oats... healthy and all-natural... all ingredients you'll recognize. Truthfully, this is stuff you'd feel great about eating yourself!

The fresh-baked treats are displayed in a temperature controlled glass cabinet in front of the store, just like a traditional "human" bakery. They looked so delicious that I wouldn't have minded trying one myself, but the diva dog doesn't look so kindly on sharing her goodies. The Ruffles, delicate cake-like crumble cookies, rolled in naturally sweet carob chip bits, peanut crumbles and coconut flakes, looked and smelled especially yummy.

Today, you can find Three Dog Bakeries in neighbourhoods and cities in the United States, Canada, Japan and South Korea! To see if there's one in your neck of the woods, check out the Three Dog website:

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