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Product Reviews

  • Dog Highchair - From: Simply Devine Finds
    The design is basically a modified version of one type of high chair for babies.
  • Dog Hoodie and Luxe Carrier - From: Dog Hoodie and Luxe Carrier from Wooflink.
    Dog Hoodie and Luxe Carrier from Wooflink
  • Fantasia Pet Carrier - From: Celltei
    The bag features a wide cross-body strap to be worn like a messenger bag. And even the shoulder strap has a small interior pocket.
  • Fashionista Dog Toys - From: Haute Diggity Dog
    Fashionista Dog Toys from Haute Diggity Dog
  • Long Island Nancy Pet Carrier - From: Lulu Jane
    It's quite possibly the perfect carrier for spring and summer. It's bright without being gaudy, it's classic but fun, and it's made of lightweight and breathable fabric so your little pooch doesn't swelter.
  • Pet Pilot Urban Transport - From: GW Little
    The Pilot comes with three zippered compartments that fold back to reveal mesh "windows" for your pet to breathe and see through (a small one on each side, and a large window in front that takes up nearly half the carrier itself.
  • The Swiss Army Knife of Dog Carriers - From: Celltei
    It really is like the swiss army knife of dog carriers. It's a backpack, over-the-shoulder carrier, hand carrier, and wheeled carrier all in one (wheels only available in the largest size). It has twenty separate features.
  • Casual Dog Carrier - From: Celltei
    The carrier, called the Active Tote-o-Pet, is called "ageless" on the Celltei web site, and for good reason. This style is lovely but not too trendy.
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