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Product Reviews

Dog Bowls

  • Dog Bowl & Treat Jar by Chowtime Productions - From: Chowtime Productions
    The treat jar was a very impressive piece of work - we loved the round design and wide mouth at the top. The bowl was adorable - holds about 1.5 cups of food or liquid maximum.
  • Doggie Dining Set by The Pet Lounge - From: The Pet Lounge
    A solidly made dress; the workmanship is fabulous and the cotton material itself is very sturdy.
  • Modern Dog Feeder - From: Trendy Pet
    Trendy Pet Modern Dog Feeder contains 8" tall modern dog feeder with two 1 quart bowls.
  • Modern Raised Dog Feeders - From: Vuru
    The Wowo raised feeder comes in a variety of finishes
  • Gilded China Dish and Treat Jar - From: GW Little
    The set is simply fabulous. A deliciously executed white china bowl, perfectly sized for most small breeds, with a 6" diameter.
  • Raised Dog Feeder Bowls - From: Fun Dog Fed
    The Pagoda feeder, up first, is a classic and stylish black.
  • Vintage Inspired Dog Bowls - From: GimmePawz
    The bowls are just stinking cute. They're lovely ceramic bowls with a weatherbeaten look. Every bowl is 100% lead free and dishwasher safe.
  • Wall Mounted Pet Feeder - From: Vuru
    The WOWO wall mounted pet feeder is incredibly sleek.
  • Acrylic Dog Feeder - From: Petbitat
    The feeder was enveloped in a silky-smooth microfiber pocket to protect it from scratches during transit.
  • Baform's Bowls - From: DogChewz NYC
    The bowls are deliciously made from elegant porcelain and feature 18K gold lettering with the words "Baby's Food" and "Baby's Water".
  • Bella Bowl - From: Loving Pets
    The Bella Bowl by Loving Pets is perfect for raw feeders. It is simple to store, attractive looking, and dishwasher safe!
  • Classy Dog Bowls - From: Jo Sherwood Design
    The bowls were gorgeous.
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