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Good Dog Hoodie & Accessories

Article Author: Small Dog Clothes Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

It feels good to help where you can.

It feels even better to look fabulous doing it, darling.

The folks at TORU sent along a package of their GOOD DOG charity gear for the princess pug to try out: a Good Dog charity hoodie, a Good Dog charity bandana (good for big dogs or peeps) and a (non-charity) Rock Pin set for peeps. The charity line donates 15% of all proceeds to The Good Dog Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to animal assisted therapy.

The entire GOOD DOG line is rockin' it in shades of black and grey which, as city girls, are two of our fave colors. Come on. Black goes with everything, it's slimming, and it makes your collar/jewelry/bling just stand out that much more. It's all about presentation.

Hoodie up first, yo: It's a solid black cotton hoodie with black fleece lining, black stitching and a black hood. Stamped on the back is the Good Dog logo - a wonderfully gothic typeface with wings on either side. It's stamped twice - once in a darker grey, offset, and then straight on mid-back in a medium grey.

The Good Dog charity hoodie is an identical style to their other hoodies (reviewed here) - it's an incredibly solid, well constructed piece of clothing. Sleeves and waist are not ribbed but finished cleanly and "boxy-style" with a doubled edge and two rows of stitching.

The underbelly is cut up close to the chest to allow wear for boys or girls. But it's the hood, as with all of Toru's designs, that really takes the cake.

It's a soft, large, well made hood that's properly functional (loose and attractive around the head) and is also large enough to provide a little warmth around the shoulders if worn back. This is precisely the hood design we love most, because a) it hangs well on the frame, b) it's actually useful in cooler weather and c) it's really very cute on the head.

Fit is, as always, boxy and loose without being too big, perfect for weekends or cool spring and summer days. It's the kind of fit you want for yourself - WHY don't they make these boxy sweatshirts for peeps too?

The Good Dog charity bandana is a full-sized square (either 22 or 26 inches - we got 26) that's suitable to be tied around a large dog's neck or worn by their owner (as seen in the photo, right). It features the Good Dog logo inside a crest; the bandana is surrounded by paisleys and other doggie goodness. White screenprint on black. It's great for around the neck but honestly it'll probably get the most use 'round here as a headscarf for those days when the tresses just. Won't. Behave. Know what I mean?

Finally, the Rock Pin set for peeps. Two sizes, three buttons: the larger buttons (1.25") read LIXX Rocks (I strongly recommend checking out the LIXX Rocks web site - cute!) and Twisted Dogster. Smaller button (1") is red with the TORU dog on it. I think these would rock on a denim jacket or a more casual sling purse. It's all about keepin' the rock on for the whole family, isn't it?

Truthfully, we've become big fans of TORU. We love their aesthetic, we love their colors, we love their sense of humor... but most of all we love their quality. I haven't seen a single substandard thing from their line: everything is top notch. And in the end, that's what counts with me.

You can find out more about TORU from their web site at

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