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Gold Eyelash Dog Sweater

Article Author: Dog Clothes - A Merryvaluation

If a dog is truly going to be serious about divahood, then there are rules to be followed. The rules for a diva are (in part, at least - the full list would take too long to read!):

1.        Always be the center of attention.

2.        Have a fabulous wardrobe.

3.        Love things that glitter.

When Merry and I received our custom Glitter and Champagne sweater from 5 Wags 2 Meows, she was one happy diva pug indeed... because every single one of those rules is made easier now that she has this sweater!

The sweater is really quite lovely. The undercarriage is made from a fine supersoft gold yarn (and I don't mean yellow - this actually looks like gold, complete with glitter) and the back of the sweater is knitted from an incredibly silky champagne-colored eyelash yarn. These two yarns team up to make a sweater that's as soft as it is luxurious.

The workmanship is very, very well done. These sweaters are made by hand... and the artist most definitely knows what she's doing. It fit like a glove, fitting Merry's (admittedly difficult at times) pug body with nary a gap or bulge. The mock turtleneck is a very sweet addition; it just makes the sweater feel more solid.

However, the best thing about this sweater for dogs  (from our perspective) was that solid does not mean heavy. So many eyelash sweaters are thick, really only suitable for very cold weather, but this sweater had a very light feel to it. Once it starts getting a little cooler in the evenings, this sweater will make a perfect outfit for our after-dinner walks. No need to wait for winter to nearly arrive before we can enjoy it to its fullest!

Would we recommend 5 Wags 2 Meows' sweaters? Absolutely. Merry may even ask for a Ruby one for Christmas. And yes, the little bit is already hard at work on her wish list for Santa. :)

You can find out more about 5 Wags 2 Meows from their web site
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