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Fluffy Jackets & Matching Pillow

Article Author: Dog Clothes Review - A Merryvaluation

When you live in temperate climates, the reality is that you get one hot season, one cold season, and two in-the-middle seasons, which means that half of your year lies roughly in the middle of the road, temperature-wise. It also usually means you need a lot of items for spring and fall - light sweaters, jackets, hoodies and the like.

Or, when put into diva pug terms: you can just never have enough, darling. There's always room for more.

That's why the princess was tickled pink - not to mention red and blue - with the set of Fluffy Dog Jackets sent in from Le PuppyPoo. These adorable hoodie jackets are made from a medium-to-lightweight fuzzy sweater-like material that's perfect for spring or fall.

The coats come in a dazzling array of colors: Candy Cane Red (shown), Peppermint Green, Cotton Candy Pink (shown), Tangerine Orange, Gumball Blue (shown), Candy Floss Blue, and Marshmallow White. Each comes with contrasting velvet trim; the pink is trimmed with purple, the red is trimmed with white, and a luscious navy adorns the gumball blue. The trim runs along the entire edge of the jacket including the hood and tail, as well as the sleeves. A thicker velvet ribbon adorns one side of the sweater and is topped with a wee velvet bow.

The coats can function as sweaters (the fabric is flexible and has nice give, although the velvet ribbon is less so) but are meant to be worn and removed as jackets, fastening and unfastening the three dome clasps that run from the chest to the belly. A nice design point: they've left a good two inches of material after the last dome, which means if your pet is a little roly poly, they may still be able to do up the coat without cutting off air. :)

The hoodie is sweet and fits close to the head, so there's no chance it will flip up over their shoulders, blinding them as they sniff on walks. The cut of the coat overall is excellent, roomy without being overly large, suitable for a variety of shapes and sizes. The coat also comes in sizes XXS to L (Merry's wearing a S, and the XXS goes down small enough to fit mini Yorkies and Chihuahuas -- for larger pets, the company says that the L should fit up to a Cocker Spaniel or Beagle).

But wait! Just when you thought that was all: a matching pillow is also available (see the pink version in photo #3, right). This would be great to give your little one a little extra padding on car trips or when snuggling on the couch with you, and the pillows are covered with te same cuddly soft material. For a smaller pup, this would even function well as a portable bed or carrier cushion.

If we had one thing to change: the ribbon decor on the back of the coat really does look cute, but it's a little confusing that the ribbon only goes halfway across the back. An option to have the ribbon go all the way across would give the sweaters a look just like the sweaters for mommies so popular in the stores right now: a velvet "belt" look instead of just a little accessory. It's a small thing, though, and in no way detracts from the cuteness or softness of the coats.

Overall, Merry loved her new dog hoodies and we were impressed by the quality. The color combinations alone made them a fabulous addition to her spring wardrobe - and it would for your dog's, as well!

You can find out more about Le PuppyPoo from their web site at

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