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Custom Raincoat and Off-The-Rack Coats from Primp Doggy

Article Author: Dog Clothes Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

There are, we've found, a few truths about fashion. One: having variety in your wardrobe is far more important than mom ever told you. Different moods, different seasons, different temperatures - it all adds up to a need for choice. Two: making a splash with your fashion is just plain fun.

With all that in mind, let's take a look at a few more products from the deliciously fun designers at Primp Doggy (the very same company who designed the out-of-this-world couture gown we reviewed last month). This time around, they've sent along a passel, a bevy, a cornucopia of coats for review.

The first dog rain coat, seen in the top photo, is a custom piece designed again specifically for Merry - a hot pink sparklestravaganza of a raincoat with a decadently soft black chenille-like lining.Cars will definitely see the princess at ten paces when she ventures out in the rain wearing this coat! The coat fastens simply in front and beneath the belly with double-wide velcro straps to ensure a secure fit. The collar at the neck and the "belt" at the waist help to show off the soft black looped lining (it's far too pretty to keep hidden!). We loved how soft the coat was - it looks tough and thick, but the water resistant material is actually silky soft, lightweight and incredibly flexible, draping over the pug very well. The coat is lightweight enough for spring or fall wear but the chenille works best for cooler temps.

(And PINK! You know how the diva loves pink. But we digress...)

The rest of the dog coats in the lineup are from Primp Doggy's off-the-rack Ready to Wear line - a selection of lightweight coats that are perfect for spring or fall. There are two girls styles - one with a small turned up collar and the other with a fold-over rounded collar, and one for boys with a wider collar that comes out to a bold point on both sides of the neck. However, as you'll see, boys or girls could wear the vast majority of these styles - they're sleek and very fashionable.

The first style pictured is Wisteria Lane, an Asian-inspired creation with a bold purple floral print, accented with coordinating black and red fabrics at the neck and waist. One side of the collar is turned down slightly and features a crystal accent button. We particularly loved the black tone-on-tone fabric used at the waist, collar and lining of this lightweight coat because it set the purple floral off to perfection.

The second style pictured is Carnival Days, a riot of happy colors with a base of Pucci-inspired fabric in oranges, greens, reds, creams and taupes. It's offset with the contrasting fabric used, again, at the neck, belt and for the lining - a modern looking dotted style in red, white and black. This was a very hip style; the fabric and color choices scream the catwalk.

The third style is a nod to yesteryear - called League Night, it features a totally fun bowling pin fabric as its base, in delicious shades of tan and cream with white, black and red as accents. The clever designers picked up these colors again in the contrasting fabric which is a fun and bold red with black stripes and tiny white flecks. Merry looked so smart in it, we couldn't believe at first the design was a boys' one, but then we've always loved the tailored look for girls and boys alike.

The fourth and final style was a dark and lovely color combination that brings to mind smoking jackets and libraries filled with wood and leather chairs. The main fabric is a black-background paisley-ish print with highlights of burgundy, rusy, olive green and gold. Contrasted with this is the accent fabric, this time a swirled pattern (think dragging your fingertip through paints) of shades of burgundy and rust. Three smart buttons run across the belt at the back, giving the coat that extra panache.

If there's one thing we notice time and again with designs from Primp Doggy, it's the subtle design sense the designers have. More so than many other apparel lines we've seen, the Primp Doggy line of ready-to-wear not only evokes class and wearability but a style and verve that you don't often see in these days of mass-produced petwear. These designers aren't just designing for dogs - they're designing clothes that look good, period.

The fit of all the ready to wear was excellent - correct in length, lots of leeway in the chest and underbelly velcro strips. The construction is solid and the quality is something you can feel the moment you pick up the coat.

Primp Doggy is a designer worth watching. We can't wait to see what they come up with next!

You can find out more about Primp Doggy from their web site at

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