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Flower Girl Dog Tank

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation

If you've been a Merryvaluation reader for some time, you'll know that pink is so totally the diva pug's signature color. She has collars and leads, rhinestones and pearls, beds and coats and even boots in this color.

For, you know, a head to claws, layered look. Never too rich, thin, or pink. Or so the pug will intone if you give her the chance.

But - so says she - you can never have too many pink tees. They're, like, practically a staple for a girl anyway in terms of style, and when you have a signature color, baby, you need as many as you can get your wee paws on.

The folks at Pawsitively Stylin', sensing this need of Merry's, kindly sent along their adorable Flower Girl dog tank top in - yes - delicious pink.

The tank itself is wonderfully soft, made with 100% ribbed cotton. (Oh, how we love ribbed cotton. Seriously. More cotton should be ribbed. It just seems to up the soft-n-cuddly quotient by a factor of ten, which is why we can't seem to put any ribbed cotton down once we've picked it up. Seriously. You should see our credit card statement. On second thought - maybe you shouldn't.)

The design is a cute one, as well - a hot pink flower design snakes its way down the spine of the shirt, embellished here and there with wee pink rhinestones. Gives a very 3-D feel to the shirt. And the soft and iridescent pink frisé makes for a cute and frilly edge at the base.

The shirt itself is 100% cotton, which means it's fine for both washer and dryer. However, the flower appliqué is attached with glue rather than sewn on - and the heat in the washing/drying process can wreak havoc with glue. As a result, we'd recommend:

  • Washing in warm water only.
  • Turning the shirt inside out before washing.
  • Laying flat to dry.

The cut is a fairly common cut, high on the chest (which we like) and very roomy armholes. For those watching their seam placements, this has no seams along the sides. All seams are across the bottom of the shirt - down the chest, as well as across it.

Overall the fit was a little large, so if you're between sizes, you may want to go down a size. Merry's wearing a Large in the photo, which is the correct size for her dimensions, but we're willing to wager she'd also fit into a Medium. It's very roomy on her when she's walking around in it.

We really enjoyed checking out the Flower Girl tank - we wish it came in a few more colors and styles, but hey, we've got the signature color covered, and that's what matters, isn't it? A great style all around. Let's hope we'll see more exciting things from Pawsitively Stylin'!

You can find out more about Pawsitively Stylin' from their web site at

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