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Fleece Blanket and Dog Toys

Article Author: Dog Toys Review - A Merryvaluation

Fancy is one thing. Sure, it's nice. And it's pretty much required when you lead a life like little miss Meredith's. But our Merry is also an urban girl (living in the wilds of Toronto) which means she also adores strong colors, clean lines and function.

(Basically, the princess is just one very versatile pug.)

It was with great excitement, then, that we unpacked our care package from Spot Designs. It featured a fleece dog throw and three dog toys.

Spot Designs' work is fun. It's lighthearted, it's got great color choices, and it's a seriously urban offering for seriously urban pups.

The fleece blanket is deliciously soft and an excellent size for most pups (36" x 50"). It's made of premium Canadian Yukon fleece (go Canada! woo!) and comes in two different color combinations (Olive/Avocado/Blue, shown, and Orange/Olive/Blue). It's machine washable, perfect for the couch or the car or a lazy Sunday picnic in the park. Best of all, its fleece resists pilling!

The Fuzz ball toy (foreground, 2nd photo) is the company's signature product, and comes in three different sizes and a variety of urban-friendly colors. Also made of fleece, this ball dries quickly to keep your hands tidier during play. Like all of Spot Design's toys, it's machine washable as well.

The other two toys, the Bone and Flower toys, also come in a variety of fun hip colors like Red, Orange, Green, and Pink. The Flower toys are available in three sizes to accomodate most furry beasts.

One of the things that struck me the most while trying out these products was their softness. Far softer than most fleeces we've ever met, these toys and blanket were velvety soft. It made for one happy little pug girl, particularly when I let her loose on the toys for play (4th photo).

To say she loved the toys was an understatement. I literally could barely drag her away from the Fuzz ball dog toy. I have a feeling we'll have more of these littering our floors for years to come.

And afterwards, she was more than happy to curl up in her super-soft blanket (transferred to the couch) for a wee afternoon nap.

(It's tough doing these reviews. Merry has to keep up her strength.)

Four paws up for Spot Designs! We can't wait to see what they come up with next!

You can find out more about Spot Designs from their web site

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