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Faux Fur Shawl and Dog Bed

Article Author: Dog Products Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

Several years ago, the folks at The Ritzy Rover turned us on to the hot designs of Louis Dog, and we've been devotees - of both companies - ever since. One of the things we love most about both companies is the huge influx of new products and designs they have every season, allowing us new seasonal droolage.

Come on, droolage can be a word. The side effect of drool, right?

At any rate, we were darned excited when we opened our latest Louis Dog package from The Ritzy Rover. And inside did not disappoint; their fall stuff is just gorgeous.

The Fur Shawl, shown in the first few pictures, is just. too. cute. for. words. Easily worn on its own against a light chill or over a sweater or coat for more robust protection from the cold, this is one little accessory that will worm its way into your pet's wardrobe and make itself indispensable.

This shawl, made from delicious tan-colored faux fur, features a tiny black ribbon (for looks) and a sturdy decorative pin to hold the works together. It sits loosely over the shoulders to provide neck and upper back protection. There's more than enough room to wear it over a sweater - Merry's preferred method - or over your winter coat. What's nice is that it gives warmth with panache, and unlike scarves which can often be too long, come untied, droop on the ground... this little warmer stays where it's supposed to be and won't get dirty during the really icky parts of winter.

All this, of course, is backdrop to the real star of the review: the Little Ribbon House dog bed in brown.

Folks, I've been reviewing Louis Dog beds for years, and they're cute, and they're fun, and I love 'em to bits. But this is hands-down my favorite dog bed from this designer.

First, size and shape: it's a little smaller than most of their beds. That's a good thing, in my opinion - this bed is meant to nest in, and the just slightly smaller size encourages your pup to curl up and keep warm. The nest shape is perfect - Merry loves to rest her head in the little "dip" at the front, while the sides protect her and cuddle her as she sleeps.

Second, fabric: they've covered this bed in a wonderfully cushiony super-soft fuzzy faux something-or-other - it's not quite a chenille and not quite faux fur, kind of existing in between. But whatever it is, it's deliciously cozy and Merry curled right up in it before we could even get it out of the box. I love that the entire exposed area of the bed is made from the same cushiony fabric. The removable pillow is covered in the same chocolate brown as well.

Third, innards: while Louis Dog has been known in the past to use a more formed sponge material to craft their beds, this baby doesn't have it. Instead it's filled with something that's cushiony soft and much more conducive to nesting by the fire on a cool winter night. It does hold its shape, but that's due to the excellent padding job.

Fourth, design details: I'm loving the new trend at Louis Dog that features more home-friendly colors. Pink is wonderful, but you may not want a pink bed in every room. This chocolate brown matches many different decors easily, including our own. The base of the bed is a non-slip material, making it easy to stay put when a doggie is flopping away into it all day long. As well, tiny ribbon bows dot the front of the bed. Too cute.

If we were to meet on the street, and you asked me which Louis Dog bed would be best for your pup to curl up in this winter, I'd say this bed: hands down.

Once again, the folks at The Ritzy Rover and Louis Dog have hit it out of the park (is a baseball metaphor wrong given that it's hockey season?). We're in love with these products - head over paws - and will enjoy them all winter long.

You can find out more about The Ritzy Rover from their web site at

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