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Fantasia Pet Carrier

Article Author: Dog Carriers Review - A Merryvaluation

I have always loved diminutive carriers. They're cute and elegant and look like purses but with a furry and friendly prize inside. Unfortunately, a lot of these carriers start to look much more awkward when they're made big enough to carry a 17 pound pug - not to mention hard on the shoulders and back. Anything more than an hour, and my shoulder starts screaming at me to put the pug down, already.

I have to say that I've found a new favorite for carrying the princess on longer walks and outings. The Fantasia Pet-on-the-Go carrier by Celltei was exactly what we were looking for: urban trendiness with a design that won't kill a pug mommy's back.

Like all deliciously built Celltei carriers, there's just a Swiss-Army-knife range of options and features. One side unzips completely and is made of half-mesh, half pleather - this is usually the "entrance". There's a center opening and you can choose to roll both the pleather and mesh window back to expose your pet, or just roll back just the pleather for circulation, keeping the mesh portion zipped for safety. The other side unzips halfway, and has the same "double option" window.

Two front pockets and a deep side pocket are great for storage, and are trimmed in real brown leather. But our favorite part of all is the carrying method - no double shoulder strap to go over the one shoulder. This bag features a wide cross-body strap to be worn like a messenger bag. And even the shoulder strap has a small interior pocket.

This is brilliant. A bag sturdy and handy enough for long distances, with the urban trendiness of messenger style. The strap is thick and padded, and incredibly comfortable to wear for long distances, even when hauling around a 17 pound pug. (The bag comes in much smaller sizes, too, to accommodate the tinier pups.)

While there are lots of ways to carry this bag, we found it easiest for long distances to place the carrier over your lower back, thereby balancing the weight of the dog and carrier.

The bag is also luxuriously lovely, in a dark chocolate pleather with real leather accents. The pleather features raven Chinese hieroglyphics pressed into the material, giving it a very rich exotic look.

I think of all the bags we've ever reviewed from Celltei, this is far and away our favorite style. The Pet-on-the-go design comes in several styles, including this brown pleather - I hope we'll see even more styles from Celltei (maybe something in cherry red?) in the coming months and years.

Four paws and two very happy shoulders way up!

You can find out more about Celltei from their web site

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