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Fall Turtleneck Dog Sweater

Article Author: Dog Clothes - A Merryvaluation

You can never be too rich, have too many doggie snacks, or own too many sweaters for fall. In the world of the diva princess, that's the way the saying goes. After all, when you're a big city girl famous for your fabulous clothes, you do have a reputation to maintain.

Merry and I have been fans of the stunning clothing from Lucho for quite some time. So we were incredibly thrilled when they decided to send in their stunning mohair turtleneck dog sweater for Merry to review.

The sweater is pure fall fun. It's a riot of colors: blues and pinks, oranges and taupes, all edged with a solid black that gives the sweater a definite feeling of autumn. It makes you think of Mary Tyler Moore, hint of chill in the air, leaves falling and big city bustling down to the holiday season. (Merry feels a great affinity with Mary Tyler Moore. She's so retro.)

It's also incredibly soft. Not only snuggly around Merry's middle, the sweater also makes her look so darn huggable that no less than two people stopped us during a recent walk to do exactly that. The princess, as always, was very gracious, thanking her fans with a kiss or two.

But the style is where the sweater really shines. The turtleneck can be worn folded down (as in the photos) or rolled up for a completely different look. The back of the sweater features two narrow leg bands, to help to keep the sweater in place. After years of walking a pug whose every article of clothing rolls up behind her tail, this little feature was a godsend.

All Lucho products are manufactured in New York City, so you're also supporting the local economy.

Merry and I love all of Lucho's products, and this sweater is no exception! Four paws way up!

You can find out more about Lucho from their web site
at Tell them Merry sent you!

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