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Wool Pea Coats for Dogs

Article Author: A Merryvaluation

We love pea coats. We've always loved pea coats. Is it because we live closer to the east than the west? We do know that pea coats bring to mind cold sea breezes, thick wavy hair, fisherman sweaters and ruddy cheeks.

Not that you'd ever catch the princess anywhere near a fishing boat. Unless there was a very cute boy fisherdog involved. But that's a whole other story.

Either way, this classic design dog clothing is something that is truly timeless, suitable for girl or boy dogs and a great choice for winter.

The folks at British design house Ready To Wag kindly sent along two of their wool pea coats for our review - one in a stunning navy shade, and the other in an eye-catching red to brighten up the winter months.

The coats are wonderfully traditional. Foldover round-edged collar finished on both sides, and a standard parallel tack with traditional anchor buttons (minus the usual vent in the back). We loved the tack, and thought it was a great design touch. Your furkid will look like the ultimate seafaring animal in it. Seriously. Too cute.

The lining is a soft fleece in a contrasting color - tan on the red coat, royal blue on the navy coat. It makes for a warm enough coat, when coupled with the outer wool, for most winter weather. (And given the chilly days we get here in Toronto, that's a Good Thing.)

The fit is a little small - if your pet is on the cusp of Ready to Wag's sizing, we'd suggest going up a size.

If we had one thing to change - the fastenings on this coat were, in our opinion, inappropriate for the coat. The velcro strips were small - 1/4 inch by two inches - but the coat doesn't fasten by length, it fastens by width, which means that one or two 1/4 inch wide strips of velcro are responsible for holding the entire coat together. Again, a quick change to buttons would have made a world of difference to the coat. Or, using wider and longer strips of velcro. But velcro is, unfortunately, one of those things you can't skimp on and still expect to hold the coat together.

Other than the fastenings, the workmanship is great and we love the design. Here's hoping we can convince the designers to improve these coats even more!

You can find out more about Ready to Wag from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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