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Fab Imperial Dog Bed

Article Author: Dog Beds - A Merryvaluation

You know, I've written the beginning to this review three times in the past two weeks, and every time I end up in the same place: thinking to myself, "That just doesn't do the this bed justice."

The truth is, this is one of the most amazing small dog beds we've ever seen in person here at Pampered Puppy, and it's put us somewhat at a loss as to how to really describe it properly. How can you describe a bed which finally, finally, befits Meredith, princess pug and Diva Extraordinaire? I mean, the pug has been so full of herself since testing this bed that she's very nearly impossible to live with. You'd think she'd been given her own country to rule.

Don't tell her it isn't so, though.

The Fab Imperial Dog bed was sent in recently to us by Pawsitively Posh and is by far the crown jewel - if you'll pardon the pun - in their dog bed collection. Nest beds just aren't this luxurious, aren't this over-the-top glamorous. And yet this one is.

Faberge-inspired, the bed is covered on the outside with a lavishly soft deep royal blue velvet and then encusted with pearls, rhinestones and crystals. Gold edging gives way to a luxuriantly gold velour interior and a cushy pillow. The bed is hand crafted and incredibly soft, encouraging every small pet to just crawl inside and curl into a ball, soft and protected inside this nest to beat all nests.

Merry crawled inside it not only willingly but excitedly. The nest idea is brilliant - it gives her a safe place to lounge, like the comfort of sleeping in the crook of my knees (her other favorite place to sleep). And the all-foam construction and velvet and velour coverings means that it's soft and luxurious against your baby's skin. Merry loved the thing so much I couldn't get her out of it. I had to keep waking her up just to do the photo shoot - she kept wanting to rest her head and sleep a little.

The bed isn't all you get with this incredible package, though - a matching toy comes with the bed. Made from gold lamé and red velvet, the crown dog toy ensures that your little prince or princess will have a toy befitting their new, exalted status. It's well stuffed (meaning it should last a good long time) and comes with a squeaker. Plus, as you can see from the photos, it's absolutely adorable.

But wait - there's more. (I sound like a huckster, I know, but bear with me - the bed really is this incredible.) The bed also comes with a clear plastic carrying case, complete with zippered top and satin handles. This way, you can bring the castle with the princess for trips away from home.

This bed won't be in just every home. It's a work of art, limited to 350 beds worldwide and comes with its own Hand-Signed and Hand-Numbered Certificate of Authenticity.

But that's not the best part.

The best (and in our view, most amazing) part of this bed is its price tag. When we first saw this bed, we estimated a price in our heads based on our experience in the industry. We overshot the price tag by double. While it's one of the most opulent beds you'll ever see, what it's not is the most expensive - not by a long shot. It currently retails for around $350 (price may vary by retailer).

Can we give five paws up to a product when we only have four? If so, then this is the product that deserves it. It's got our highest recommendation - a sleepily thrilled princess!

You can find out more about Pawsitively Posh from their web site

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