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Fab Fashion Pet Coats

Article Author: Dog Clothes Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

If there's one thing you can count on from Wooflink, season after season, it's this: interesting designs. New fabrics. And a unique style that's all their own.

Okay, maybe that's three things.

For those of you who have been reading us forever, you already know: we love Wooflink. Each season it's a treat to see what their new styles are. Only rare pet designers like this company come up with such a wide selection of new product every season.

This month, Wooflink sent along two coats for us to review: My Leopard Look dog coat, and the Fabulosa dog jacket.

My Leopard Look is hands down one of the cutest puppy coats we've reviewed this year. Made from soft leopard faux fur with a huge and wonderful hood trimmed with rich black faux fur, it's a stunning look that really turns heads. The back has "ROCK" in deliciously ornate black satin embroidered letters, accented by gold studs, and features a small gold drop chain underneath. Both the waist and the sleeves are finished with thin-ribbed black polyester.

The coat does up with a zipper - just like human coats, for the elegant touch - and, natch, the zipper is gold too. Inside, the coat is lined with black satiny material covered in gold colored dots. Schnazzy.

This is one of the most elegant coats to ever come out of Wooflink's design house. We loved it, but should mention this: the sizing fits small. It was a close fit for Merry over the belly so our guess is if your pup is overweight, you'll need to either go up a size or try a style a little more forgiving around the middle. I mention it particularly since it was a surprise - we've been reviewing Wooflink products for years and haven't ever seen this kind of snug-over-the-belly fit before.

My Leopard Look is a fuzzy jacket suitable for winter but not as densely padded as many we've tried; if your pooch tends to get very cold, throw a tee or sweater on underneath (layers, ladies - layers are the key!).

Oh, Jackie-o, you've got nothing on us. The Fabulosa is a throwback to Chanel and Jackie O and all those fabulous style mavens who believe simplicity is key. It's a medium weight jacket suitable for spring or fall, and is made from cotton. The cream fabric is shot with gold thread and features decorative black piping down the back, up over the (also gold) zipper, and around the arms and waist.

The faux white fur collar you see? It's just buttoned on, and is removable. That's a nice feature to make it more flexible during warmer spring/fall days.

The single elegantly embroidered Wooflink logo sits over the shoulders and is flanked by two rows of gold buttons. Fit was perfect, both in length and girth.

While Wooflink's main claim to fame will always be the over-the-top, friendly designs with loud color and multiple appliques we've come to know and love, these two pieces along with a few others from this season's collection mark a new direction for Wooflink. They're growing up, and beginning to offer a few grown-up looks like these stunning and simple pieces to help round out the wardrobes of even the most fashion-forward pups.

Four paws up!

You can find out more about Wooflink or find out where to buy their products from their web site at

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