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Down Filled Coat for Dogs

Article Author: Dog Clothes Review - A Merryvaluation

Young ladies like Bridget Jones dream of car trips as a passenger in a fabulous classic convertible, wide lips covered with brilliant red lipstick cirved in a perpetual smile, fabulous white silk scarf wrapped around her long flowing hair, chic enormous sunglasses protecting her eyes.

Here's a secret: young, hip pugs dream of such things too - well, minus the lipstick perhaps, and if we all know Merry like we think we do, odds are she'd want to be the one behind the wheel (control freak? who pug?).

But still. It can be all about the car for the princess pug - provided it's designer and sufficiently luxurious, dahling.

Petsnobs has long been our fave go-to designer for down coats for dogs, and their newest installation - the MGB roadster - is a perfect way to appeal to a car-lovin' prince or princess.

The Roadster's design is inspired from antique car shows in Florida. It's got a very retro feel to its styling - very spare, very classic - even down to its color choices (black and cream or red and yellow). A Petsnobs license plate patch (made from rubber) is attached to the tail of both sides of the coat.

The coat also features a removable snap-on collar, ostensibly for added warmth. We'll be honest - as you can see in the photo, this snap-on collar didn't really fit the princess, nor did it seem the right size for the coat (it hangs a good 3-4 inches away from her neck). However, this may have just been a glitch with our review copy, since all the other photos we've seen of the coat show the collar fitting just fine. The collar attaches to the coat with snaps and fastens around the neck with velcro.

The coat fastens at the chest, under the belly (with nice big stretches of fabric, not just two tiny strips) and also - an added feature we've come to love with the Petsnobs designs - an additional strip of velcro just before the legs. This strap is also removable for boy dogs - but for girl dogs, it's an invaluable tool in keeping the coat wrapped around their whole bodies and therefore keeping your doggie warm! And as with all coats by Petsnobs, the velcro is wide, thick and very sticky. You don't need to worry about this velcro - it's built to last!

As with all their down coats, the MGB Roadster dog coat is made of 100% high quality goose down fill. The nylon on both sides is both water and feather resistant and the coat is machine washable - though we recommend, as does the company, that you add a clean tennis ball to the dryer while you tumble dry the coat. This helps to puff up the down again.

We love that this coat is reversible. She can wear the red out on days when it's a little mucky (it's less likely to show a bit of dirt) and the brilliant yellow when it's dry but bitterly cold, as it gets so often here in Toronto.

And finally, this coat also comes in a adult-sized fanny pack made from the same nylon material as the coat (and can be folded up to fit in there again). This makes it a great travel coat - for doggie meetups, Pugalugs, or other get-togethers where you need an easy place to stash a coat without spreading doggie fur everywhere! Not that the princess ever sheds.

Heck no.

You can find out more about Petsnobs from their web site at

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