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Down Dog Coat and Mat

Article Author: Dog Clothes - A Merryvaluation

There is only one thing better than getting a new winter coat. Even better than getting a new, warm winter coat. Even better than getting a new, warm, cute winter coat.

And that's getting a new, warm, cute winter dog coat that's reversible. Two coats in one is always better than one coat on its own.

When this package arrived from Petsnobs, we were pretty excited (we've loved their coats before). But when we opened it up to find not only a reversible coat but a matching fanny pack for owners (to stuff the coat when they pup's not using it -- not shown) and a matching mat filled with down for cold car rides or chilly winter nights, we were over the moon.

The coat is lovely, with tons of extra velcro flaps to help keep your little one warm. It fastens under the belly twice (once for support, and once with a wide band to keep them warm), under the neck twice (you can either roll the collar up for greater warmth of fold it down for warmer winter days) and in front of the chest once as well. In fact, it's the closest thing you can get to full and complete body coverage while keeping its adjustability for different body types.

And the colors are just fun. A variety of cool blues and pinks adorn one side, while a basic black covers the other. Two very different looks in one coat!

We also really loved the mat. It comes with two velcro straps (attached) so that you can hook it to the seats of your car (that's our use of choice) or you can throw it over a bed, couch or other area where you'd like to protect from puppy fur but still provide a great place to rest. Because the mat is a soft nylon fabric with down inside, it's warm but doesn't pick up pet hair like crazy.

If we had one thing to change: well, as with our last review, we'd love to see an extra inch or two in the neck area of the coat. While it fits, it is a bit snug, but would be perfect for Jack Russels or any number of other, less stocky breeds.

Overall, the princess and I were as always impressed by the ingenuity at PetSnobs. Not only have they come up with a deliciously warm, down filled winter coat, but an entire set that any pet lover - and their pet - is sure to drool over.

Once again, Petsnobs gets nothing but the highest recommendation!

You can find out more about Petsnobs from their web site
at Tell them Merry sent you!

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