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Down-Filled Ski Parka for Dogs

Article Author: Dog Jewelry - A Merryvaluation

Not that dogs can ski. I mean, hello? How would they hold the ski poles? Well, sure, there are a few dogs who snowboard. Someone straps them in, gives them a push on the kiddie hill, and off they go. But really, there are very few skiing dogs.

And even if there were - could you picture the princess deigning to do such a thing? Of course not! She'd be a regular ski bunny, for sure. It's just that she'd be holed up in the lodge with a nice warm bowl of cider and all the studly boy dogs sitting around her in a circle, hanging on to her every wuff.

Of course, to be a real ski bunny, it all begins with the right outfit. And that outfit begins with the perfect dog ski jacket.

Merry was therefore delighted to see the stunning goose down ski jacket from Petsnobs.

It really is a beautiful coat. It's filled with 100% quality goose down for warmth, and the coat itself is water-resistant nylon (on both sides). Machine washable, too - most important for a pug who loves to explore. It's got a deliciously luxurious feel to it, much like you'd find in high-quality human ski jackets. More importantly, it's warm enough to keep the pumpkin comfy during our cold Canadian winters.

The real pizazz, however, comes in the cut and style of the coat. The down is secured in rows, giving that puffy look that's hip and urban. It has velcro over the chest and another thick strip that secures beneath the belly. The collar can be worn up or folded over (up is high enough that it securely covers the throat all the way to the chin). There's a detachable alpine hood with faux fur trim for those really cold days. Best of all, there's a slit in the base of the collar to allow a leash to pass through (see pictures, above).

Whew! And where's the pocket for the cell phone? This coat has everything else covered!

The fit of the coat was wonderful. The collar was a little snug (puggies tend to have very little neck - they're all head and shoulders, if you know what I mean) but still fit well, and would be very suitable for most small dogs.

What's more, the coats come in many colors - including cream (shown), black and silver.

Silver, Merry reminds me, drooling. Every Diva should have a silver one too. She's sure of it.

Can a pug reasonably begin her Christmas list in March? It would seem so. :)

Merry and I give this coat four paws up!

You can find out more about Petsnobs from their web site at
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