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Donut Dog Beds

Article Author: Dog Beds Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

Some people say dogs don't have a sweet tooth. Or shouldn't. Just like women shouldn't. Like the calorie police.

P-shaw, I say. A good dessert does a body good (it does the hips especially good, but perhaps not in the way everyone would want). Especially if said dessert involves chocolate. Or sprinkles. Or chocolate. Wait, I can't choose.

Luckily, I don't have to, thanks to the super-yummy looking (but kinder to the hips) Jelly Donut beds from Room Candy.

These beds, it has to be said, are one of the cutest small dog beds we've ever seen. Featuring a tan-colored "cake" base topped with your choice of either "Strawberry" or "Chocolate" icing, and... of course... multicolored sprinkles!

Featuring a removable center pillow that's super-plush, nice high bumper (firm enough to hold your pup, gentle enough to really let them snuggle in) and removable covers (yes, even the bumper zips off for easy washing), these beds are a great, functional bed, not just a pretty face. That's the kind of smart design we've come to expect from the folks at Room Candy. The covers are made from snuggly soft fur-like poly that are cushy and squeezable. They're well filled, to boot, which means that your pup won't be forced to "hit the floor" when they flop on their bed.

I do have one word of warning, though, for those of you who have already fallen in love: currently, the bed only comes in one size, and that's wee. They're about 25" across (including the bumper) which means they're really best for the teeniest pups among us... up to about 10 pounds or so. Yes, that means even wee Merry's out of the running... you can see, from the second photo, that the poor pug hangs over. :)

(Let's all gang up on them and see if we can't convince them to make them in a larger size. After all... pugs, bostons and other medium-size pooches deserve their just desserts as well!)

Ugh. Did I really just go for the pun? I think I just did. That's it. No more donuts for me today.

Seriously, however, the beds are dead-on cute, available in colors to match your pooch's delicate sensibilities (Strawberry) or your home decor (Chocolate). They're sweet without being bad for you, yummy without being filling, and of incredible quality, as with all the products we've ever reviewed from Room Candy.

Four paws up!

You can find out more about Room Candy from their web site at

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