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Article Author: Dog Portrait Review - A Merryvaluation

Ever since we met that pug, we've been saying it: she oughta be in pictures. Sure, she's in pictures here on Pampered Puppy, but the reality of Merry the pug princess can best be understood on a great big television screen. (You won't believe how cute those buggly eyes look at that resolution!)

The folks at Scene One Media agreed with us, and decided to immortalize the pug with one of their custom Dog-u-mentaries.

Here's how it works: we put together a group of pictures (30, for this package, but the company offers packages up to 50 photographs) and a music file from our library. We bundled them off to Scene One Media (via CD in our case, but you can also send your files digitally) and waited with bated breath to see what we'd get.

The finished result was a great deal of fun! It came in its own custom Merry-like packaging, full color, including the DVD label. We popped the DVD into our player and sat back with the pug and some popcorn to see Merry on the big screen! (Well, bigger than our computer screens, at least.)

The DVD came with its own custom menu featuring the princess pug herself, and when we pressed the "Play" option the drama began. A custom title flew into view - Merry's Dog-u-mentary - and then the music started and the princess appeared on screen.

The mini-movie Dog-u-mentary lasts about five minutes. Scene One charmingly arranged the photos to tell a "story", complete with transitions between each photo, and pan and scans on most of the images. Each transition is timed perfectly with the music and it makes for a fun movie to watch together.

In the end, we were very happy with the final result, and it made a wonderful keepsake of the princess pug. If we had one thing to improve with this experience, it would be a review process, somehow, so that the owner can review the final video (via Flash? Maybe?) before it's shipped, in case they want additional changes (obviously, additional fees would likely apply). But otherwise, it's a great way to get a permanent keepsake to share with friends and family for years to come.



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