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Zodiac Dog Jewelry by Barkie Bling Designs

Article Author: Angie McKaig

Do you believe in astrology? Sun, moon, stars... all that jazz? Whether you're a True Believer or just someone who is entertained by horoscopes from time to time, most folks have at least an idea of what their "sign" is. ("What's your sign, baby?" -- aah, the good old days...)

Believe it or not, though, I had no idea what Merry's sign was. (Does everyone else look up their pet's signs? Am I weird?) That was, until the generous folks at Barkie Bling Designs came along and helped me out by sending along one of their Zodiac Birthstone Pet Jewelry packages.

Turns out, she's a Gemini (her birthday is June 6): in the box, Barkie Bling includes your pet's own personal horoscope on printed card stock. According to the horoscope, she's a happy go lucky princess (so far so good) who looks for fun and lots of playtime (the diva lives to play fetch - and you'd think that'd be SO beneath her...). They love to socialize (aah, there's the reason I was saddled with a socialite pug). And it warns you may need to be imaginative in order to keep this happy spirit content and busy (to say the very least!).

As horoscopes go, this one was wickedly accurate. But let's see what else is in that cute little takeout box!

Inside, we found a Barkie Bling Designs Original Birthstone Zodiac necklace for dogs - specifically made to order to fit the princess herself! These necklaces are made from the highest quality Swarovski crystals -- for this month, a Light Amethyst color, and each month features a different shade of crystal. Each necklace comes features a two-sided zodiac bead in the center: one side says the astrological name (Gemini, in this case) and the other has the astrological symbol (in this case, the twins - which I suppose makes sense since Merry's always been a little multiple-personality if you know what I mean - angel, diva, princess, model, play fiend, sleep monger... and now I know why).

Each necklace also features sterling silver spacer beads between each crystal. Fastened on a silver plated chain with silver plated findings, the necklace also features an adorable paw print charm in sterling silver to "dangle" at the back of the neck.

The fastener is lobster-claw, which is a nice choice since it's more secure than many other fasteners on the market. The necklace is tough as well - took several tugs and kept on licking. Ticking. Er, sparkling. You know what I mean.

We were impressed by its delicate look but sturdy feel. The princess just like wearing sparklies. You know how it is, when you're a diva.

We were also impressed by the kind touch of a polishing cloth, included in the Barkie Bling box. It's rare to see this included with jewelry but it makes so much sense, particularly if your pup loves to get into everything!

Overall, this ia a cute design, and clever packaging and concept take it a lot further. Would make for a great dog birthday gift, both for the fuzzball at home or for one of her fuzzball pals at the next neighbourhood canine birthday bash.

You can find out more about Barkie Bling Designs from their web site at

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