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Dog Treats

Article Author: A Merryvaluation

I'm a firm believer in the adage "you are what you eat" (is it possible to resemble Godiva chocolate?) and this is never more true than for the princess pug. When you're modelling clothes every week, you need to retain that perfect figure. That's why Merry's on a diet of high-grade holistic kibble with probiotics and her small dog bowl is topped up every meal with a serving of fresh veggies and plain, balkan-style yogurt.

It's also why I refuse to give her anything with food dyes in it, particularly those scary little treats they give away to visitors at pet department stores.

But most of all, it's why Merry and I were so very thrilled to receive our package of treats from Fuzzy Face Canine Cookie Corp.


Their cookies are 100% vegetarian; while that's not strictly necessary for Merry's treats it is a nice feature. I do ensure she gets plenty of healthy meat products in her diet and fresh cooked meat once a week as well. For me, the biggest plus with buying vegetarian treats is that it's one less thing to worry about: no by-products of any kind, no scary parts of animal meat, and this can take a BIG load off a diet-conscious Mommy's mind.

What's more, their biscuits are wheat-free, dairy-free, and contain no soy, corn or eggs. They don't have any refined sugars or food dyes inserted in their wee treats either. Every ingredient is all-natural and chosen with health and allergy-friendly eating in mind.

The two flavors Merry was lucky enough to receive were...

Choco-nana flavor: Made with brown rice flour, oats, pureed bananas, olive oil, water, blackstrap                              molasses, carob powder, rosemary and ginger.

Happy Apples & Crazy Carrots flavor: Made with brown rice flour, oats, olive oil, water, pureed carrots, pureed apples, blackstrap molasses, rosemary and ginger.

And as you can see from the photos, the little bit just couldn't even wait until the photo shoot was over to start gobbling them down!

Because the treats are made with all fresh ingredients and no preservatives, the company recommends you finish up the treats quickly - within 8 weeks or so of the date they were baked. Keeping the treats in the fridge will help them to last a little longer for the slowpokes. However, that's not likely to be a problem, as Merry found them incredibly tasty. Odds are your little bit will as well.

One of the best things about the pet treat industry is the wonderful alternatives that are healthy and                                             fun to eat for your pet. Fuzzy Face Canine Cookie Corp. is on to a great idea. Four paws up!

You can find out more about Fuzzy Face Canine Cookie Corp. from their web site

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