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Dog Tees and Leather Collar

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation

We've always been of the opinion that when it comes to summer fashion, there's no such thing as too many tees or tank shirts. I mean, different weather, different moods, different outfits to match with... it's complicated, right? A girl needs alotta options.

Urban Hund's newest offering this summer, a line of four white tees, were just the ticket for our ultra-hip, ultra-city lifestyle.

First, let's say this: we're loving the white. White tees are still less common in this industry than other colors, presumably since white will show the dirt more easily. To this we say a loud and scoffing pshaw! First, every pampered pup knows that you don't go outside to play in white, it's for looking cool on the street. Plus, you know, clothing can be washed (we should know - we do a load of doggie laundry regularly). It's fabulous to finally have some great options in dog white tees.

Second, we're going to pick a bone (heh) about the shirts - they're tanks, as far as we're concerned, not tees. Tees go down your arms. Tanks bare your shoulders and underarms. Tanks are also cooler and better for summer wear, and that's another reason to love these shirts. They come up nice and high on the neck - no embarassing chest-baring moments, thank you - but keep the belly bare (the bottom of the shirt just barely covers the ribs) and float over the bottom half of your pet's frame, cool and breezy-like. The fabric is also very light and thin (though double-stitched cuffs and hems help keep the shape of the shirt). In all, a perfect summer shirt.

Each shirt is silkscreeened with one of four patterns: Fire Hydrant (shown), Gears (shown), Birds or Flowers (not shown). 100% soft cotton; washable.

The collar sent along by the company was also part of their summer offerings - a twist on their Stanley tri-color leather design in what we think are the yummiest colors available: fuschia, white, and lime. Seriously. Makes us think of childhood ice cream parties with neopolitan ice cream or pistachio ice cream or... well, ice cream. Edible. Yummy. You get the idea. The last few inches around the buckle are solid lime.

Like all Urban Hund collars, these leather collars are in a word, incredibly well made. All buckles and findings are made from double-plated brass, the leather is top-stiched and dyed in vibrant colors (no plasic covers peeling off, this is the real deal). The buffed leather backside is in a contrasting color                                        (in this case, fuschia) and each collar comes with its own double-plated brass Urban Hund tag.

If your pup is an Urban pup, then Urban Hund is the place for them. We're a longtime fan of this company and its designs; always solid, incredibly well made products with an eye for the urban aesthetic and a love of color. We love 'em!

You can find out more about Urban Hund from their web site at

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