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Dog Sweaters

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation

Particularly when you're an urban girl, it's all about style. Urban hipsters tend toward slightly muted colors, clean and modern lines, geometrics and even casualwear for the street (like the Lululemon craze that has Toronto urban hipsters up to their hips in cotton and spandex). Looking good is more important than ever when you share your home with 4 million other folks.

It's why Urban Hund (a company who has always epitomized the urban hipster look) has hit it out of the ballpark yet again with a fantastic new line of products - sweaters and hoodies for the urban pup.

Inspired by their incredibly popular line of collars, Urban Hund set out to create cute dog sweaters that would complement the line, without being "matchy-matchy". And they succeeded wonderfully. The sweater we were asked to evaluate was the Central sweater (each sweater design is named for its collar design) in Burgundy.

Made from a 50/50 cotton/poly blend, these sweaters are a tight, fine knit making them perfect for spring or fall wear. The fabric is soft but still sturdy enough to hold its shape - precisely what you'd want from this kind of sweater. The Burgundy isn't a true burgundy - very little blue in the shade at all. Instead, we'd liken it more to an urban red, reminiscent of the shades you see in the hottest home decor stores these days. Red, with a touch of rust, and the tiniest drop of blue. It's a very sexy color for the princess, who had already decided that red is SO going to be her fave this spring and summer. The back is decorated with finely embroidered circular patches in a variety of sizes, making them almost look like bubbles. Too cute!

Along with the Central sweater, Urban Hund also sent along their nod to the latest craze in pet wear: the hoodie. This sportwear for pets is one of the hottest things since sliced bread, and we're loving their take on it. The sweatshirt is soft with a terry lining, with white sport stripes sewn over the sleeve and also running up the entire length of the sweater, including the hood.

The fit of both pieces were great - looser on the hoodie, while the sweater fits more snugly particularly over the chest. The workmanship is precisely what we've come to expect from Urban Hund - exquisite.

Did the princess fall in love with these new sweaters from Urban Hund? You bet! If you're wanting a well-dressed doggie with quality fashionable duds, we can't make a better recommendation for you than the products from the folks at Urban Hund. Four paws up!

You can find out more about Urban Hund from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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