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Dog Sweater and Tank Top

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

Oh, darling, the life of a fashion maven. Sigh. It's a never ending hunt for the most fabulous gowns and sweaters, the hottest new fabrics, and the most exciting new designers.

Once in a while, though, if you're very lucky, a hot new designer lands in your lap (not literally of course) and you get first dibs on some of their hottest new designs. That's when it's all worthwhile - the dieting (sure, because pugs diet), the endless hours of (sleep) modelling under the hot runway lights, you understand don't you?

Anyway, the hot new designer Sweet Pea, Biscuit & Jam (how's THAT for a moniker) hit the fashion world this spring with a bang, and they kindly sent along a package this fall of their newest designs for us to try out and share with all of you!

The first item up: the Country Manor Charm Sweater. This gorgeous, silky soft and warm dog sweater was our hands-down favorite. Part acrylic, part nylon, with mohair and alpaca woven in for softness, this turtleneck was a delicious treat for the pug to wear. What a gorgeous shade of blue, with hints of heathery gray in the tone. And frankly, the sweater looks and feels much more luxurious in person than our photos (or the ones on the Sweet Pea web site) could do justice to.

The fit was wonderful - fit the pug to a "tee", with just enough cozy room to make it a perfect lounging sweater as well as a sweater for walkies.

The style, too, is fabulous for this time of year. We loved the deep turtleneck style - lots of fabric to fold over, without being "too much" - and the matching ribbed sleeves. The thicker knit cuff at the bottom of the sweater gave it wonderful weight without "pinching in" at the waist. The sweater's underbelly had a U-shaped indent, deep enough to allow boys OR girls to wear the sweater for walkies.

What really sets this design apart, though, is in the details. First, a handy reinforced harness hole at the top of the shoulder area is a nice touch. The decorated bits on the sweater are what really makes it shine. The shoulder area and bottom right corner of the sweater are decorated with trinkets - like the things you'd find at the bottom of your grandmother's jewelry drawer. Antique metal "rings", a silky chain, a few plastic or "ivory" pieces attached here and there, a couple of antique metal "keys"... all these bits and bobs combine to make this sweater a true charmer. Very antique-y, very New England charming.

The second item up: the Noisy Creatures "PINKY" tee. This puppy tank top is definitely not your average tank top. That pink character in the center? He's padded. And has a squeaker. Yes, you too can turn your pet into one big squeaky toy... or drive them crazy by putting a squeaker right where they can't quite reach it. The charming character is sewn into a buttery soft pink 100% cotton ribbed tank top. His "eyes" and "nose" are made from buttons, and Pinky also features a little hair bow: a crocheted flower. All this is topped off with a pink satin ribbon at the back of your pet's neck.

This is a very cute style. The fit is form-fitting, as with most tanks - and runs short, the equivalent to a "midriff top" for your dog. But be sure to keep your pet's laundry away from them or they may be playing with their t-shirt!

Overall, we were very impressed with the design ideas, the quality of workmanship, the deliciously soft fabrics, and the emerging style of Sweet Pea, Biscuit & Jam. Can't wait to see what they come up with next!

You can find out more about Sweet Pea, Biscuit & Jam from their web site at

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