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Product Reviews

Dog Shampoo & Detangler

Article Author: Dog Grooming Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

From the back of the bottle:

[directions for use]

1. Wet dog.
2. Add Lave.
3. Rinse.
4. Use DeTangle.
5. Give treat.

I love companies who don't take themselves too seriously. Yes, we need good products. Yes, we want all-natural ones. But we also want companies who can take what they're doing and smile about it.

In Goochii Poochii's grooming products for dogs, I believe we've found a company who can meet all three requirements. Their Lave (shampoo) and DeTangle (conditioner) products showed up at our door and we were thrilled to break them out and put them through their paces!

The puppy shampoo and conditioner each have a massive ingredients list which include but aren't limited to: aloe, red mapleweed, honey, apple, green tea, gulfweed and hawaiian algae. They have a helpful area on their website that goes through the entire ingredients list with you and shows you what benefit each ingredient brings to the mix.

The lather on the Lave (the shampoo) was fabulous - thick and rich and able to get into all the doggy nooks and crannies. It was easy to lather up, easy to rinse off and rinsed off to a squeak; that's always a plus in the world of doggie shampoos. The detangle (conditioner) worked fabulously (not that Merry tangles all that much, but she is prone to flyaways and fuzziness for the first few days after a bath, and that was less than usual after using detangle).

We loved the packaging, too. Sleek black and white with lovely type.

If I had one thing to change on the product, it would be the scent. I didn't find the scent as gentle as other pooch shampoos and it also had a slightly chemical/floral overtone - the closest I could pin it to is the scent of the toiletries left out at upscale hotels. Lovely, well made, but a little perfume-y.

The one guaranteed thing about scents, though, is they're very personal. What one person loves, another doesn't, and vice versa - so your mileage will likely vary from mine.

What I did love? Everything else, really. The lather was super, the performance great, the packaging up to sniff (yes, that's a pun) and a fab sense of humor to boot.

From the back: safe enough to eat... but not tasty... oops.

You have to love a company who will make your dog clean AND make you laugh.

You can find out more about Goochii Poochii from their web site at Tell them Merry sent you!

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