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Dog Raincoat and Handbag

Article Author: Dog Clothes - A Merryvaluation

Merry, for the three of you out there who don't know this yet, is a diva. And a princess. And loves pink more than anything else on the planet. (As evidenced by the nearly solid wall of pink in her closet.) Mind you, her Mom is distressingly princess-like as well, so perhaps she comes by it honestly.

This is why lulu jane's products are such a great fit for the princess pug. Because if one company's line epitomized the concept of princess, it would be lulu jane.

We've been fortunate enough to review their products once before, and couldn't wait to see what they'd send along this time. And as always, they didn't disappoint.

Merry's modelling their lovely Cotton Candy Dog Raincoat this time around, and they kindly sent over a Dance Card Ladies' Handbag for me! (What's more, the little fashionista's even going to allow me to keep it for myself!)

The raincoat is, in a word, adorable. The exterior is a water-resistant fabric (in cotton candy pink, natch) and is lined with a delicate pink gingham design. The lining covers the collar, as well, for a jaunty look and to break the monotony of all that shiny fabric.

Oh, for a pair of matching pink rainboots! (If only a company made such a thing!)

The cut of the coat is excellent, fits well from top to tail, but I'll tell you our favorite part. Unlike most velcro coats, which fasten beneath the belly (thereby ensuring that backsplash from the rain, along with other gook, will get into the velcro) this coat, ingeniously, fastens up around the side. Which means a solid patch of water-resistant fabric goes under the belly. The button on the velcro flap is decorative, and helps to give the side attachment a finished look.

Moving on to the handbag... it's important to note that there is no better thing in the world than a new handbag. Well, perhaps except for chocolate. But a new handbag ranks right up there, and I've got to say that I loved the classic, flirty design of this handbag from afar for quite some time.

Made from black satin microfiber, it's a great over the shoulder tote that features two interior pockets (one is zippered), cell phone holder, key fob, magnetic snap closure, and three adorable chrome-plated charms: a crown, a bone, and an open heart. The company also makes a matching carrier; alas, the princess is too large to fit inside.

And it's big enough to hold just about anything I want to haul around with me. :)

As with the last time, we're thrilled with everything from lulu jane! Four paws way up.

You can find out more about lulu jane from their web site

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