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Dog Collar and Leash Set

Article Author: Dog Collars - A Merryvaluation

Ah, delicious retro. No trendy girl can be without at least one or two retro pieces in her wardrobe. Never mind that retro and old school just mean "the stuff we grew up with". I knew I should have held on to more things from my childhood. :)

When it comes to retro, no company's doing it better than Retro Rover. And their newest line - dog collars and leads for the trendy old school pup - are no exception.
The new collars and leads come in a variety of fabrics from "Go Go Hipster" in Pink or Tang (Merry's sporting the Tang in these photos), to Japanese and Squaresville style. If your dog (or you!) like retro, there's guaranteed to be a style that's suitable for you.

The collars themselves are made from high tensile strength nylon, sturdy and firm, with the 100% cotton print stitched over it. The collar features the quick-release buckle and nickel hardware. The leash has some pretty snazzy nickel hardware too, as you can see in photo #2. This is not a dainty leash for the faint-of-heart; it's brash, it's bold, and it's most definitely urban.

The fit was great, and like all Retro Rover collars the collar is adjustable to handle a variety of sizes. The leash was, in my opinion, the perfect length for long shopping trips (oops, I mean walks, of course). Anything longer than 4' and you just end up with extra to loop around your hand. Not exactly the high-fashion look we're going for these days. :)

And finally, the style is wonderful. The orange isn't muted, it's brilliant. And since fashion sources are saying that orange is about to become the new pink, it makes for a much-needed color boost to any puppy's wardrobe.

If we had one thing we'd like to see done differently, it would be the size of the leash hardware. Merry wears the smallest size collar available (10-14"), which means the leash buckle may be a little heavy for a smaller dog. The larger size collars would suit it perfectly, but I'm wishing they had two different sizes of hardware on the leash to accomodate the different collar (and doggie) sizes.

Overall, Merry and I are very excited about the collar and leash! We've teamed it often with a cream-colored winter coat for a splash of color her fans just adored. What we're working on next: picking up a green sweater to complement the green in the fabric. Wouldn't that look smashing, darling?

You can find out more about Retro Rover from their web site at

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