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Dog Raincoat

Article Author: A Merryvaluation - A Merryvaluation

The princess pug, as most of you know, has one of the most extensive doggy wardrobes known to pugkind. However, there has always been one critical element missing until recently, and that's a raincoat that will do for chillier rainy days.

When it comes to dog clothes, there are a ton of raincoats for dogs that are great for summer weather, when lightweight is not only appreciated but required (particularly when the weather hits 90 degrees Fahrenheit or higher here in Toronto). But the reality is that over half of our rainy days in Toronto are on colder days - which means any princess pug dressed in a lightweight raincoat is going to shiver her curly tail off.

To the rescue: the lovely dog raincoats by Chez Charles Dog Wear, a Canadian company who understands that not only those in lovely California and Florida get the rain. :)

The coats are a wonderful mixture of form and function. The outer shell is water-resistant and washes up nicely after an outing in the rain. The interior has a quilted cotton lining that provides warmth on those cooler rainy days and the cotton extends to a fold-over collar for a touch of style. All interior fabrics are made from plaids that match the exterior solid shell color. The shells are available in Baby Blue (shown), Baby Pink, Yellow, Black and Navy Blue. (The yellow is incredibly adorable if you're looking for a "traditional" rain slicker for your dog.)

A nice long belly strap ensures that the coat will fit over most bellies. Two velcro strips help fasten over the chest, with the strips at right angles to one another to give maximum flexibility in chest size. The back has a tiny slit at the tail, to accomodate curlies like Merry's tail. A small fabric loop in the back of the garment allows you to hang it up once it's removed.

And the cutest part for us was the "I'm Lost" label sewn into every coat - it lets the owner fill in the puppy's name and emergency contact info in case you and your pet get separated. Just like kids' clothing. :)

The workmanship is excellent, solid and secure. These are very high quality coats.

Merry hates the rain. But she loved the coat (it's stylish and blue and keeps her from getting soaked). I loved it as well - it's solid, warm enough for cool days but wearable right up until the dog days of summer (That was terrible! -- Ed.), fastens very securely over chest and belly and best of all - keeps out the rain without sacrificing style.

The cut of these dog coats is wonderful for most any shape, and come in a wide variety of sizes from a 6" topline all the way up to a 33" topline. No matter the size of your dog, odds are Chez Charles makes a coat to fit.

Are we excited about the coats? You bet! (Merry has already added a pink one to her wish list for Santa.) We can't wait to see what Chez Charles comes up with next! Four paws up!

You can find out more about Chez Charles from their web site
at Tell them Merry sent you!

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