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Dog Closet Organizer and Dog Toy Storage

Article Author: Dog Products Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

It's a well known fact - almost a mantra, really, for anyone who's been reading the pug's reviews for a while - that Merry, princess pug divine, the resident diva-with-an-attitude here at Pampered Puppy, looks fabulous in many colors but has a signature color: PINK.

Pink puppy sweaters, tees, winter coats, boots, collars, harnesses, jewelry, bowls, beds... you name it, the princess has it in pink and makes it look fabulous, darling.
However, let's be honest here: we're urban girls. Big city, pavement, skyscrapers, avid pedestrians who don't own a car, culture and International cuisine and most of all: black, baby. More than half of my wardrobe is black, because it just looks right and really, there's no more urban-girl color in North America than black. Even when it's passé it looks hot.

So when we heard that the folks at The Ritzy Rover were getting in brand-new Louis Dog stuff and that their fall collection featured a mix of pink AND black, the pug could only be heard crying a single word:


Luckily, we got a lot of patience from the folks at the Ritzy Rover and they sent a package right on over for the puglet to try out. Two adorable items: a closet/clothing organizer, and a toy bag.

The toy bag is just adorable; we wish it came in a matching handbag for Mom (okay, well I wish it did, anyway). Made from a faux patent, it's designed as a "shopping bag" style toy box that not only helps keep your home tidy but is easy to pick up and take your baby's toys on-the-go. I'll be honest - with the number of toys Merry has, there's no way it would work as a normal toy box, but for carrying toys to the park, to visit friends or family? Perfect. It holds anywhere from 10 small to 5 large toys, roughly - we fit about 8 toys in there for the photo shoot.

The handles are, as far as I'm concerned, the cutest part of the toy bag. Pink and fuzzy, they're covered in pom poms and totally set the look of the bag. The material is nice and shiny - not only hot looking, but also practical, since it allows you to wipe the bag clean. (Good thing - since the pug stuck her head inside the bag as soon as the photo shoot was over!)

The organizer, called Sophie's Closet, is just about the cutest darned thing we've ever seen in the dog world, ever ever. Seriously. It's set up to look like a lady's slip, complete with "padded bra". :) The "bra straps" are elastic and have metal d-rings at the end; you could easily clip this to a clothes hanger, hang over a pair of nails in a closet or even suspend from the ceiling with fishing line. It's too cute to hide in a closet all the time!

Sophie's Closet has three ways of storing items for your pet: two large pockets, one on either side of the organizer. These are large enough to hold a few collars, or jewelry, or even a pair of shoes. A large zip also runs up the entire middle of the "skirt" and it sits flat on the bottom to allow you to stack folded clothing inside, or collars, or anything else you have on hand for your pet.

If there was one thing we wished, it was that the closet came with a bar of some kind inside the organizer to allow you to hang things on a hanger. But folded clothing did fit in there very handily, as you can see from the photos - again, this wouldn't work for the pug daily, since she has many MANY stackers worth of clothing, but it might be fun to use as a travel garment bag for the pug. (Her very own - how cute is that?

If you have a small to middling number of clothing/collar options for your pet, odds are you'll fit everything into this stacker easily. :)

Can I tell you how cute we think these two items were? Seriously. Yes, you all know we love Louis Dog and stuff from The Ritzy Rover just to bits, but these pink and black creations really put us over the top.

(Either would make great holiday gifts. I'm considering picking up one or two for friends!)

You can find out more about The Ritzy Rover from their web site at

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