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Dog Bone Friendship Bracelet

Article Author: Dog Products Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

Pampered Puppy has been a part of my life for almost eight years now (! I know!) and in that time I've watched the princess get bling set after bling set, rhinestone after rhinestone, glitz and glam after... well, you get the idea. But I ask you, where's the love? Where's my elegant goodies? How come the dog's having all the fun, here?

Luckily, Bitch New York just started carrying these fab dog bone friendship bracelets - for pet owners! - and they were kind enough to send along a sample for me to try out.

(Thank goodness someone's thinking of the poor, unpampered dog owners.)

Designed for women, these friendship bracelets are created with a stack of tiny metal dog bones in either silver plate or gold plate. Each bracelet is hand-woven together in a variety of different colors (mine's black, natch - I am to black what the princess pug is to pink) of sturdy but supple cord.

Adjustable is the name of the game - there are two slipknots topped with (in this case silver plate) paw print bits. You can't make it huge - I wouldn't recommend these for men - but they should fit most women's hands and wrists just fine with a bit of adjusting.

I loved the weight of this piece - it's not super heavy, but neither is it feather light. The metal bones lend it just enough density that you know you're wearing a very nice piece of doggie lover-ness on your wrist; it gives it a sense of quality that you don't often see for bracelets in this price range..

One tiny ASPCA metal bead also adorns the bracelet; that's because the bracelets are created by designer Hearts U Back specifically to benefit the ASPCA. A percentage of the purchase price of each Heart U Back item sold will benefit the ASPCA, with a promise of at least $125,000 by founder Gavin Kovacs.

That's an amazing promise.

The bracelets are a perfect gift particularly this time of year for the ladies in your life who like dogs - or are owned by dogs, as I am! There are twelve different color/metal combinations available.

Many bones up for this owner bracelet!

You can find out more about dog jewelry from Bitch New York from their web site at

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