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Dog and Owner Rescue Tees

Article Author: Dog Clothes Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

One of the things that upsets us the most at Pampered Puppy is the thought of dogs - ANY dogs - going without the love, head noogies, treats and comfortable places to sleep that every dog deserves. It's why we give to and support rescue groups and our local Humane Society. It's why our spokesdog is spayed and we urge every pet owner to do the same.

If you're a big believer in humanely controlling pet populations with Rescuing, Spaying and Adoptions... then TORU definitely has the tees for you. What's more, you can don a matching tee with your pup to really send the message home to everyone you'll see on your daily walks, with their new line of rescue tees.
There are two people tees in this review - both sporting the RESCUE message. The ladies' tee is fitted (top photo) and sports a grey background with pink lettering and a yellow paw print. The mens' tee (sorry, also modeled by a lady since our male model wasn't available - middle photo) is a straighter cut with a red background, grey lettering and orange paw print.

Both adult tees are incredibly silky soft, 100% cotton with a soft vintage wash and, as with all products we've reviewed from TORU, of excellent quality.

I know you, though - you're more interested in the pooch tees, so here's the scoop:

We reviewed three different pooch tees from their rescue collection: a grey and pink SPAY tank, a red and navy RESCUE tank, and a khaki tee with ADOPT.
Both tees and tanks are double or triple stitched at the hems with contrasting thread, and made from 100% cotton. The cut is boxy and casual, but they're not usually this loose - expect a slightly snugger fit on your dog than pictured here (we messed up the sizing - mea culpa!).

Nice feature in the dog tees (obviously, not in the human tees): a reinforced opening at the base of the neck for a harness, if your pet walks that way.
Hands-down, my favorite thing about these designs is the logos themselves. Modern, block and boxy type is combined with slightly worn-looking paw prints to make a bold statement... which, of course, is exactly what you want to do with a set of tees promoting pet responsibility.

Best of all, you're not just helping to promote an idea and a responsible way of dealing with pets when you're decked out in these shirts - TORU is walking their talk and donating 15% of their proceeds to a doggie rescue. Talk about helping two dogs with one stone.

Or something like that.

We love TORU - for their social responsibility, the quality of their workmanship, and the visual panache of their designs. These tees won't disappoint man OR beast.

You can find out more about TORU from their web site at

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