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Diva Feather Dog Sweater

Article Author: Dog Clothing Review - A Merryvaluation by Angie McKaig

What does a Diva really need, when it comes down to it? She needs mad style, of course, but also sleek comfort and a bit of the over-the-top. It's the combination of these three things that makes for an outfit of Diva-esque proportions.

When Snob Hounds decided to send in their Diva shirt for the princess to try out, we found an outfit that had all three in spades.

The shirt is actually more dog sweater-like in its weight; made from hot pink fleece, it features a wide neck (think Flashdance), mid-sleeves and a graduated cut (longer on the tail side, shorter on the chest side). But its crowing glory is in its ring of fabulous long black feathers around the collar. It's like a built-in boa - similar construction, similar lengths and softness - but attached to the sweater.

No pooch on the planet could get away with wearing it and not earn the title "Diva". As you can imagine, the princess manages to pull this off without a hitch. :)

The cut of the sweater is really very unique. Longer sleeves like this are a tough thing to pull off when you're trying to fit all different sizes of pooch, from tall to small, but the shirt works great and hangs at a great length, about 3/5 of the way down the leg on the pug. The sweater ends underneath right before the end of the rib cage, ensuring the sweater will work for any aspiring male Divas out there (the sweater is also available in more boy-friendly shades of green and blue) and is tightly gathered to help keep the shirt out of the way for more active pooches.

The wide neck is a different one for us, and the feathers balance it out nicely. I have to say that I wish the neck fit a little more closely to the body, but the "Flashdance"-style look comes straight from the designer - that's the look they were going for.

Workmanship is great, with all edges turned under. The feathers do shed during wear, just like a real feather boa would, but not overly so.

Care is wash on gentle, tumble dry low. (I'd recommend washing in a garment bag to avoid losing too many feathers.) The feathers will puff back up in the dryer; obviously, the pink fleece should wear well throughout multiple washings.

The best thing about this sweater is its iconic look. The hot solid color, the black dramatic feathers, even the graduated cut ensure a very visually striking look that will guarantee heads turning on your daily walk. Wouldn't it be fun if this sweater also came in grown-up sizes? This style in particular seems to be screaming its need for a "Mommy and Me" offering, doesn't it?

You can find out more about Snob Hounds from their web site at

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