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Designer T-Shirts for Dogs

Dog Clothes Review - A Merryvaluation

T-shirts are one of the most basic components of an hip, urban woman's wardrobe - doubly so if the woman in question is a pooch. T-shirts can be dressed up, or dressed down. They can be functional, worn to protect against a light breeze on summer evenings, or they can help you to make your statement with color or images or just the right phrase. They can be covered in bling or just a plain little thing.

And it's for all of these reasons that we've had such fun reviewing the package from DogLoveArt. These folks specialize in designer dog tees for canines and matching ones for mom. They sent along a fabulous package with samples of many of their most popular styles for our review.

The design of the shirts themselves are unique - boxy over the shoulders, with short sleeves and a slightly shorter belly to allow for boy dogs' needs. The material is 100% cotton, pre-shrunk and machine washable. They fit well, wide over the neck so they're not a "choker" style. All designs are custom-made by DogLoveArt and are silkscreened by hand onto the shirts. We also liked the seamwork - double stitched and folded over, with two seams running down the chest - because it's some of the sturdiest work we've seen in dog tees. Our bet is they'll hold up much better than most.

The silkscreened designs are where these shirts really shine, however. Princess Adorable definitely suits the pug to a - pardon the pun - tee, and we loved the slightly wonky lettering, off-kilter crown and bright pink color. (There's also a Pince Charming available for gents.) This was far and away our favorite design!
For spring, we're looking forward to putting Merry in the Squirrel Patrol design, since she seems to notice those furry little things more often in spring than any other time of year. Ferocious? Could you believe it? She looks like butter won't melt in her mouth!

The design of the "Small Dog Big Love" shirt was very cute. Grungy lettering, very modern style. And the violet colour looked so cuddly on the pug.
The final style is part of DogLoveArt's newest line of styles, the Flower Series. These iconic floral designs are available as Mommy & me shirts - though you can buy just the owner or the dog tee separately if you like. The "Mommy" version is available either as short sleeve or long sleeve on black, with the matching short-sleeve black tee for your pet. In addition to the adorable rose style (shown), there are also hibiscus, sunflower and other floral designs available. The kind folks from DogLoveArt also sent along a long sleeved matching Mommy 100% cotton tee - sorry, not shown.

The good news is these adorable doggie styles are available for the small to the tall - from a 7 inch topline all the way up to a 24 inch topline in some styles. We know you big dog lovers out there are always looking for new clothing ideas - these would be a great bet.

We loved the designs and the unique, excellent quality and fit of these tees. The company is constantly coming out with new designs, so be sure to check back often!

You can find out more about DogLoveArt from their web site at

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