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Custom Dog Portrait

Dog Portraits Review - A Merryvaluation
by Angie McKaig

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: one of the charms of commissioning a pet portrait is that every single artist will "see" something different in your pooch. Your pooch has his or her own personality, and if your commissioned artist is a good one, that will come through - but the extra touches they leave on the art are what you're paying for. If you wanted a pixel-perfect representation - well, you have a camera, don't you? The whole point of the art is to be able to see your furbaby through someone else's eyes, to see the beauty that they see in them.

Which is, of course, why I was so excited when artist Heather LeMay from Kayann Works contacted us about doing a "Spoiled" themed portrait - a signature style of Kayann Works portraits, featuring pooches in royal crowns - of our own resident pug princess.

... because no pug was ever more spoiled than Princess Meredith. And you can take that to the bank.

Heather usually works in acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas, and most portraits fall in the 8x10 to 20x20 range - though she's willing to work with folks on alternative sizes if that's their preference.

After a 50% deposit before starting work, Heather works with you to suss out the details of your pooch's personality. Stories? Silly photos? Favorite aspects of your dog? We of course had to share the princess's penchant for pink, and her love of the iconic pink ball.

Heather also chose this photo to use as a reference - just to get those dreamy pug eyes and that deliciously soft little brown muzzle correct.

It normally takes about 14 days - excluding weekends and holidays - to complete a painting, depending on availability (the artist will always let you know if there are going to be delays) - it was even sooner than that with the princess. Once the piece is completed, Heather sends along a digital photo for your perusal, at which point you can request small changes.

We didn't need any - we LOVED the "spoiled" take on the princess. After you're happy with the piece, you're invoiced for the second half of the payment and once it's sent, your custom portrait is shipped out to you.

The finished portrait of Merry (12" x 12") was even more vibrant in person. Heather has a really unique style, very stylized, that lends itself perfectly to this kind of portrait. I loved the different shades of hot pink, and the fact that her ball stood up front and center was fabulous.

And of course, who could deny that the princess deserves a brilliant gold crown? :)

The gallery-wrapped canvas is not as deep as others we've reviewed - only about 1/2 inch deep - but it comes ready to hang with eye hooks and wire already installed in back. The edges were painted black so as not to distract from the colorful piece.

Heather's work is lovely, and creates a wonderful memoir for your pooch - and her prices are incredible, to boot. Definitely worth it!

You can find out more about Kayann Works from their web site at

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